Sun and Moon

Her noise crashed into existence
An adulterer of daylight
In the eyes of the night a mistress
Still the Sun would chase her with all of his might
Penetrating years to lessen the distance
Every sky diamond flickers white candle light
But ask him of commitment and he’s a terrible witness
He will disappear before the Moon is in sight
His energy expelled before the ink dries from words written
Feeding from his lies as a tiny parasite
Chewing on his poison never seeking his permission
Ignoring red flags as your soul fills with blight
Asking for truth only delivers misinformation
Dancing for love on the back of the night
Keep chasing light despite its resistance

© Delia Ross. 2019

2 thoughts on “Sun and Moon

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  1. An excellent poem.

    Reminds me of the 4 years I lived in Vancouver British Columbia where for some reason there were many days when you could occasionally see the moon appearing in daylight hours- perhaps because of its particular location on the globe.

    Anyhow reading this poem brought back memories of that time.

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