Love You More

I need your approval
The same way a boat requires a shore
No other hand more crucial
Than the one that I adore

Your words a symphony of music
That hit my very core
Your love so very translucent
It makes me love you more

© Delia Ross. 2019

12 thoughts on “Love You More

  1. Oh so glad to hear! I am untrained and I have a few old rough recordings on YouTube that I am intending to re-record perhaps this century. I am not very good! Here is a link to an oldie of mine! *remove the gap*


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  2. No software, and the keyboard I don’t recall the name. I bought software once and microphones and amps and cords and all kinds of shit to learn how to record and never could figure it out and wound up giving most of my stuff away… Lucky I still have these bits as I nearly forgot how to play it.

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  3. There’s shareware recording software called Reaper. I don’t use it, but it’s my understanding that it’s similar to Cubase, which is what I use. It might help you continue with your music.

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