Just a shoutout to my tribe

Hey guys (it’s Southern slang so it means all), I know I have been a bit anti-social, withdrawn, pissy, childish, and certainly many other adjectives, I am a bit transparent no doubt (and I have been dealing with a chemical imbalance known as depression) but I wanted to thank you for still coming to my blog even though I haven’t been going to yours as much lately. I swear I want to read your stuff and make it up to you, there are many things that I want to do that depression is keeping me from. It literally keeps me from life. Most of the time I go without television or playing video games or listening to music or playing my guitar or reading or any of the other pastimes that normally would bring me enjoyment. It’s full on isolation and anxiety. Thanks for not giving up on me (yet). I am still fighting the good fight. I sometimes leave bad crumbs. I’m sorries. Forgives me? xx

5 thoughts on “Just a shoutout to my tribe

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  1. Purging pain of broken trust, abandonment and even foolish mistakes can be a life long endeavor with no end in sight, however, trust with faithful step and sometimes fall- it really does get lighter, easier and more accepting in becoming who you were always meant to be.
    You have a nature writing voice, so long as you keep it flowing. 🙂 Be blessed in your journey my friend.

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