Good vs Lonely

Be good and you will be lonely. -Mark Twain


Selfie circa 2012

I struggle with being good because it only brings me loneliness. I thought good women made good men? You know, like a girl bringing out the best in a man, so he could be good for her? I’m seriously giving up. I get zero nurturing in life. I barely receive likes on my post. I feel like the output is greater than the reward. And I don’t want to have to take my clothes off for attention. So I guess I’m just going to die. There’s just not much in life for me anymore. I’m sorry but life is just so tough and when it comes to love there isn’t enough.

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I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

26 thoughts on “Good vs Lonely

  1. Maybe you just haven’t met the right man yet. Or maybe, it’s just a matter of equivalent exchange. You want someone to lean on, to make you better? But you’re not the only one for whom things aren’t exactly rosy. Even “bringing out the best” doesn’t make a man — or anyone — perfect. And that’s okay.

    But what do I know about that? Take this from an angry semi-cynic though: likes don’t matter. If you’re on here looking for instant fame, don’t. Lower the bar a bit. What’re you looking for? 100 likes? Overrated. If you shift your thinking and start looking for, say, 5 likes, then 10 likes will seem pretty cool, and 20 will feel awesome in comparison.

    Look, just don’t give up. I’m not at all the best person to be saying this… When I start feeling life is pointless, I just tell myself death comes to us all anyway. So why not take the scenic route? Maybe there is no point. But, maybe there is. How can we know, unless we play the long game and muddle through? Anything else really does make it pointless.

    So… I hope you’re alright.

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  2. I don’t want someone to lean on, I want a partner to go through life with. I don’t need someone to make me better, I need people to stop hurting me. I don’t want fame, I’m not looking for that. I see a lot of the same people following each other, and comparably how much better their blogs are doing. And I’m not trying to compare mine to the really good blogs either. I’m not asking for perfection either, just someone real and loyal and honest. Death does come to us all, so why not get it the fuck over with… the only thing I haven’t experienced is love and now I don’t want it.


  3. What happened to a guy becoming better because he wants the girl – so he stops being a piece of shit so he can get the good girl- huh- what happened to that fucking mentality in the world!?! And I’m actually really good with helping other people if anybody would give me a fucking chance… I’m not going to toss out credentials but I’m pretty damn good at it. I literally have zero purpose in life. Over it.


  4. Heh… “Real and loyal and honest:” That’s how I define perfection. Isn’t that what we all want? At least, that’s what I want. True love, true friends. I can’t even say if such things exist or not; But right now, I’d rather believe that they do. Maybe not for me. But for someone, somewhere. What you believe, I guess I can’t really control. I’ve always been more a devil than an angel anyway. But if we all die anyway, then we may as well live what time we’ve got.


  5. I don’t believe in perfection but I’m all three of the other things. Easy stuffs. Honesty is my fucking curse. But for people who live a life where they have to lie about everything all the time I can imagine that my grass would seem greener…

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  6. Nah. I’m a liar and a coward, and I know I’m probably gonna die alone. ‘Cause no one really knows me. And even if I am “adored,” then that just becomes a lie too. If you’re truthful, then when someone finally sticks around, you’ll know it’s real.


  7. That has always bothered me. The wayward sheep get redemption, but not fallen angels? I guess that’s the definition of a devil’s advocate. But does the fact that he became “the devil” erase the fact that he was an angel?

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  8. Lu represents free will, IMHO. I have my own theory on angels and I believe they were all children 17 or under. The Bible on the other hand would have you believe that all Angels were male. I fell at 15 and so 15 I’ll forever remain. My body never grew up anyway. Yay! I’ve been to the spot Lu fell, hell it was. For real tho (Iraq). Lu can appear to you as an angel still. Did you know that there are some people in the world who believe angels are actually aliens. 😄

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  9. Probably you didn’t get on the right train. It takes time…and I know that’s what we are running out on. But don’t worry, there is a happy ending in every sad story. be brave. Move on. Somewhere around the corner you might meet your prince charming. Good luck

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  10. Dear Poeternal

    I used to feel the way you do.
    I highly encourage you to read the book
    “I Need Your Love—-Is It True?” by Byron Katie.
    You can find it on Amazon or at her website
    I read and re-read it over and over about 50 times until I finally got free from believing my thoughts and consequently causing my own suffering.
    Take care of your beautiful self!

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