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I disabled the comment threading and sorted it by oldest first so now comments should be really easy to post and to read! I couldn’t stand that comment threading bullshit. And to other bloggers who use comment threading, I recommend you disabling it because it’s a pain in the ass just trying to read or respond to your blog post. It took me all of 30 seconds in the settings to sort it. If you need helps, let me know. It’s totally okay to ask me for help.

Also if you come at me with a metaphorical gun, I’m locked and loaded with a metaphorical fucking grenade launcher and basic training in the Army taught me how to use a real one! You might want to think twice about picking a fight with me. I have NO FEELINGS.

P.S. I’m actually one of the sweetest people you can ever meet, just don’t tread on me!

And if you don’t like me, GOOD. GO THE FUCK AWAY
My response when someone doesn’t like me
Back when I hads a cute cut!!! NO FILTER
I ain’t got no time for hoes or bitches, and yes that is a whip in my hand but also no makeups so go easy on me (and fangs of course, again I BITE)
And I know I have the body and mind of a 15 year old; you don’t have to be a dick about it… and this photo is CURRENT as of the other fucking day
Oh my heart, thank you for looking at me with worth every time and never taking your eyes from me when I’m around. And this here photo was from my birthday in August. These boys keep hurting me and Gavin keeps healing me. And so, peeps are making me feel worthless again and so I needed a reminder. This is Gavin Rossdale of Bush and he saved my life. And still is. Cuz look at how he sees me. Blurry, I care nots. Am loved.

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I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

21 thoughts on “Comment Threading

  1. HAHA tis the season!! My favorite! I’ve had many guys and girls put me down for having a small body. Or not tanning, plucking, waxing, etc etc. Or dudes just passing me over cuz I ain’t thick. Pff whatev. I appreciate the compliment, they actually are rare. And seeing as I wore a military uniform for 15 years, showing my bod is a rarity too. Thank you!

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  2. HA! Nah, I I’ve never been “model” material and I’m a tomboy on most days. I dig chic goth and Victorian era… and I’m old-fashioned and modest, I believe in keeping some things to the imagination, it’s rare I share my bod. I’m very sensual and an authentic creature of the underworld.

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  3. I’m not really for censorship but I believe warnings are better because not everyone wants to see or know everything. Like if I write a piece that might trigger someone, I put that in the excerpt. It’s just polite and it has etiquette and I’m kind of a classy person even though I’m a tomboy and a soldier, I’m like everything though, I’m a fucking goddess, I know that much… Anyway etiquette goes a long way. I’m not into PDA either. I may look like an angel but I need to be fucked like I’m the devil…

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  4. My posts, even the adult material, is really light and trying to be funny. As far as being read, they’re definitely the ones that get the traffic. Wow, that last line! Amazing and hot.

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