Love Beats On

“Stop! What are you doing?”, he demanded an answer holding a look of shock
Her face stained with black mascara and fear so thick she could hardly talk
He kneeled down beside her, their eyes in a gridlock
“I’ve learned you are the one and now it’s time to walk the walk”
Lips connected and fate started their heart clock

Love beats on…

© Delia Ross. 2019

A sad beginning with a happy ending. The middle is now. Unwritten.

Sad angel (selfie)
Teach me that I’m worth more than my mistakes (selfie)
I think people should be worth more than their mistakes (selfie)
Don’t you? (Selfie, no filter)

9 thoughts on “Love Beats On

  1. I’m trying to get over my stage fright and to be more present online. I was in the Army for 15 years so secrecy was like my thing. It still is lol but I’m still trying to share more of “me” these days. Because I never did before.


  2. I’ve been writing poetry since a little girl but I never shared myself artistically. And I got my first guitar when I was 13 but I’m just now starting to play again. I am completely self-taught so I only know a few chords. My parents were not nurturing at all. And then the Army had me conditioned for so long. And so now I’m growing into who I always wanted to be now that I don’t have parental or Army control over me… or society for that matter.

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