All Hallows Eve Dancing

Err, some of you may not be on Insta, but there are more videos up of me dancing in my fangs, if that’s yer thing.

But also, below are a few just in case you missed it on Insta. You can get on Insta, and not use Insta. I have many followers who use it like a newspaper, meaning they’re not active on their profile (liking, posting, or commenting) but they’re actively reading newsfeeds and stories. Don’t be scared to give me a follow on Insta (or here) if you wanna see more dancing videos. You can set your notifications to be on for my account so you never miss a post!

Dancing to Apoptygma Berzerk (another Norwegian band I dig) in my fangs, which actually is a FIRST. More posted on my Instagram.
Please come lie next to me… 🎵🎶🎵
This one is not on my Instagram. A bonus. (But more are on my Insta in my feed and my stories under my pen name POEETERNAL). 🙂

So I do these for one guy, but he doesn’t even follow me LOL LOL (does he even see them? He hates me but I follow him like a lost, starving puppy that he shoos away ugggggg) *sadface*

These are the lamest Snapchat filters I have ever seen…
WTF Snapchat, you need to get it together. Halloween is a big deal, rights? WTF is this filter?

Yeah, so. Unrequited love sucks, in case you were wondering. But, I’ve convinced myself that he’s madly in love with me so my heart and mind are never in sync on the matter anyway.

I’m sharing this one solely on the fact that you can see the irritation regarding the Hallows Eve filters. Bunnies. Really Snapchat. Unimpressed, this face shows.
One more for good measure. Had to show my fangs, WHICH this particular set I decommissioned because it was a 4 piece set and one of the fangs broke years ago so I haven’t worn them in years but decided to do so with the remaining 2 that do work. They were my favorite set actually and were in the style of Underworld. Some girls want diamonds, I want custom fitted fangs.