I was in search of healing
My wings damaged, my knees in kneeling
A war with a monster, I never was winning
Narcissism will keep your head spinning

I was cleansing the root of my soul
I was tossing those sins in a hole
I was stitching my heart to feel again whole
And a couple years passed would you know

But one day there he was, I noticed, oh yes, I noticed
His crown dragging behind his feet, it was a bust
I’m not sure if it was his sin or a thick layer of dust
Maybe it just hides behind a wall of his lust

I heard him mouthing words from his tongue like thunder
Such fury, where does it come from, I still wonder
Crashing down curiosities is where I fell under
I slipped into his words, then love, and I became her

I remember the day I left him a compliment
I thought it was a bomb the way he responded
My hand was bitten and he was so blunt
I still stick around but he is on the hunt

Sometimes I would find pieces of me in his words
The dinner bell rang and we rushed in like buzzards
Little seeds of hope we would nibble like birds
There may have been red flags but we ignored all the hazards

Like favorite pets except for me
I come around, he gets angry
But I still don’t know how to leave
It’s impossible, I love him you see

© Delia Ross. 2019

Does he hate me because I see through his mask, or because I see through his mask and still love him? Maybe, just maybe, I’m not a bird he wants to eat? Or does he hate me because I stole her shoes? I’m not giving them back, they fit my feet and I have tiny feet. I found my missing slipper, gosh dang it, he needs to get over it. They’re mine now. MINE I SAID. Just like I belong to him, he just doesn’t know it yet. He is lost. But I found him so I’m hoping he’s only half lost now. Knock knock, Neo, it’s me, the one…open the door

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