Light-years of Love

Every inch of him is a galaxy unexplored
And every day he is more adored

I want to drive my tongue over
His peaks and valleys and lows
Let’s explore another language that nobody knows

His mind is a multi-verse
I need to immerse (and for better not worse)

His tongue spans light-years
Where I wanna disappear
His words blow me out of here

His hands are mountains I long to climb
Forever and through the ends of time

He is all the energy of a massive sun
And for him I do burn

He is the seed, he is the soil
He makes my blood boil

© Delia Ross. 2019

My desire and longing spans the ends of space and even that reach does not quantify my love for him. Which, is why space is infinite, oddly. Coincidence? Nope. Science and love are hard to comprehend at times, and that is where faith comes in. Sometimes, you just gotta believe… ❤

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