The Muse

Ending my blog on a positive light, follow the light…


For my muse – there’s only ever been the one
He evokes poetry on the tongue
He puts words in my thumb
He makes the darkness go numb
He makes the daylight come

A visual walking masterpiece
He sees through the worst of me

He lives in a world I’ll never be able to cross into
A star so bright he can pierce through –
Any structure, any crack or dark avenue
He’s teaching me how to be human too
He suffers the way you and I do
I hate it but it’s true

An archangel of the highest order –
Though probably not a title he’d gladly hoarder

I see him in a different color
Where blackness is always duller

His mind is so expanse he’s more than genius
His message is love just like Jesus 🙂
He should be my life thesis 🙂
(Fuck, he’ll probably see this)…

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7 thoughts on “The Muse

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  1. I have been on the fence about closing my blog and sometimes I have such an overwhelming urge to just close it and walk away from it. But I already did that once and I regretted it several years later—this is my second blog by the same name on this platform. It’s why I’m allowing myself to take breaks and just completely disengage myself from it. I will be sorry to see you go if you do decide to close it down.

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  2. I don’t know if I could ever delete it but I have the overwhelming urge to disappear into the abyss. It’s probably humiliation. I’ll likely recover. Maybe never. It feels like never. Defeat. *emo alert*


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