River of Blood

Bathe in our river of blood
Regret comes in a flood
Reborn to the silence of us
Drowning but we won’t give up

The drowning man will always take down another
Wouldn’t it be something if you chose not to hurt her
Where is the honor of being a deserter
Blasphemous to replace her at her altar

Peering over into your reflection
Tampering with fate by another obsession
The game was rigged I’m seeing deception
Being a monster your number one profession

Brown, blue, green or hazel eyes
They all equal another prize
On and on you keep crafting lies
You are a thing to despise

I can smell a lie a mile away
In every direction they will sway
Maybe they’ll catch on another day
I am disgusted by the games you play

© Delia Ross. 2019

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