The Color Of Sad

She paints her face with sorrow
Showing worry lines for tomorrow
Her lips are the color of sad
Unkissed cheeks from love she never had

Her skin taste of salt
Where her joy came to a halt
And her hand is free from fault
And it’s love she’s never taught

Her hair is made of darkness
Her heart is now a carcass
Her voice has fell to silence
And her mind is full of violence

Trouble burrowed in her mind
And she’s running out of time
If it’s love she cannot find
Her soul will be an endless decline

© Delia Ross. 2019

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Happy holidays! I love you! xxoo @poeeternal

2 thoughts on “The Color Of Sad

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  1. I’m very glad to hear this Tony, thank you! I had in mind the kind of natural rosey cheek one gets when crying, and lips that were pouting, smeared makeup and runny eyes for sure. Thanks for reading & commenting! I’m glad it touched you. Happy holidays!


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