Mixed Up

Block unblock block unblock
I can’t figure it out
Got the devil controlling my right hand
And this angel is full of doubt

Follow leave follow leave
I have lost direction
The devil keeps pointing at you
And you’re the object of obsession

Today I care but tomorrow I won’t
But give it another day
Whatever it is my heart is thinking
The devil’s got something to say

Whatever this spell he has me under
I can’t go away
But if he really hated me
He would have blocked me yesterday

© Delia Ross. 2019

All this blocking and unblocking I do, follow and unfollow routine, but he’s never once done those things to me. CUZ HE LOVES ME AND IT DRIVES ME INSANE. THUS POEM ABOVE. I’m sure he’d like me to be on Mars already but he needs to fuck me first. Sorry not sorry. Still loves him.

He drives me cra cra for real
How do you stop loving someone? I can’t figures it out…
“Just another lost angel in the city of night”

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2 thoughts on “Mixed Up

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  1. You should try fucking a girl that actually loves you. You think those girls love you? Can they love you without a bottle? I’m not buying it. Fate trumps your bullshit lust vendetta.

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