My eyes are besotted
Though even while closed he remains
Either shadow or color
A gentle lover
I look up
As if I’m stargazing
And he’s always there to find me
I like to rest between his heart beats
My ears catch his whispers
Chemical energy in the touch
The way his fingers trace my lips
And erase centuries of loneliness
His kiss must be the holy grail
I have fallen from heaven for this
I heard his deep call
It pierced the woods and the wounds
I was no longer winter
But a bloom
That warmth is life
And I a parasite for his love
Or sweet sugar
The way his words leak down my spine
God says it’s alright
Did you hear destiny skipping by
I couldn’t help but stop and giggle
If you let wonder have a sleepover
You might wake to find surprise

© Delia Ross. 2020

A soft reading:

Tired and writing in my pjs
Bedroom poetry

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4 thoughts on “Besotted

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  1. Where did you see it before? I heard it in a film once though I don’t recall which. I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen anybody use the word though but I can’t remember every word I’ve read… I do know how much it moved me when I heard it though and thus now we have this poem which completely describes my idiocracy love of him…


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