I can’t stand anything in my closet and I need a makeover. But I also can’t seem to throw away anything from my closet. But I also wouldn’t wear any of it anywhere. I’m also in between sizes where everything is either too big or too small (because I’m not toned up yet). And I might be having an identity crisis. Helps.

tank with a cross ugg donation pile now
Jacket keep, tank gotta go into the donation pile
My hair is still air drying here.. it gets fluffier and longer as it dries and 1/4th of the other side of my head is still growing back (and is only maybe three inches now)
Ever been with a petite babe!?! Not saying I’m a babe…but most dudes pass me up cuz I’m tiny
Wet hair don’t care but the clothes gotta go…
I’ve had this little satin dress, since Jesus was walking the Earth, and that was the last time I wore it too…
It gotta go…
I’m hanging onto things that I’m never going to wear again but can’t let go…
The leggings and Depeche Mode shirt can stay…
They don’t have holes yet…
But I’d wear them with holes anyway and I’m sure there’s several band T-shirts I need to get rid of but I need helps πŸ˜‚
Goodnight wherever you’re at

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