40K!! + Patreon Exclusive Content

WOW! I can’t believe my blog has hit 40K, it’s been an incredible ride! I am grateful to have you here! If you dig my poetry and stories, and would like to see my blog continue and thrive, please check out my new Patreon where I am dropping exclusive content and patron only perks (and perks that you can use for your own blogs and projects)! I am grateful for my fellow writers, artists, and poets who have joined, your pledges mean everything to me and give me the fuel and purpose to keep writing and making art! But, I’m really pushing all my boundaries over there, and my goal is to make it rewarding for you! I haven’t reached my goal of 25 patrons yet but I do have 10 patrons now, and it’s very exciting to have your pledges and your valuable feedback! 😍

Yesterday, I published my first story for patrons, that is accessible through Patreon only, as well as the already published poetry feed that is exclusive to Patrons only! I also have photography and digiart as perks, for you to use on your own blogs, websites, gig flyers, posters, or wherever else my art will fit your project. As you know, a blog post with an original picture has more of a chance to be seen and/or read, if it includes an image. I will/have been frequently updating with new, original images, both digiart and photography from my worldwide travels. So by joining, you have access to sharable digiart and photography that you can use for your own projects! I’m aware Google photos and other sites like Pixabay, Unsplash, and Stock Photo etcetera, are in high demands these days, and anyone can access those. My Patreon has exclusive, original photography and digiart that you may use.

And, for those who are interested, I have more private photos available to see, Rated R content, that is NOT available to share, simply an added perk as I explore my body and sexuality and place in the cosmos (I’ve even received 2 very nice PayPal tips, which I’m grateful for, because I have chose to not make my Patreon a private, 18+ page, or added a higher “nude tier”, so I’m kinda relying on the tips if we’re honest. Just like any sevice and entertainment biz, if you’re pleased with the service, tip tip tip). 😘 xxx I intend to drop some rated R stories too, but there is only one of me, and it’s in the pipeline. Spoken word and vampire cosplay is also coming!

I currently have a special running for joining, where you can get a handwritten postcard, either via mail or email (this is a limited reward for joining, but you can opt out if you do not want to receive a physical postcard, or digital). This special is running until the end of March only, at which, the rewards will be issued out swiftly after it ends so the first week of April you’ll start seeing your rewards for joining! ❀ 😊❀

I promise to deliver 1 poem or story monthly, for your pledges. But my Patrons get more than that, lots of bonus content. I haven’t been on long, but for $1 you can join today and gain instant access to exclusive, patron only content! You can also take the higher, $5 tier, or make a custom pledge amount. I have patrons in both tiers, as well as one who is pledging a different amount. I do not charge “per thing”, my tiers are 1 cost a month, that’s it. You will be charged the day you join and going forward on the 1st of each month. And you can signup using PayPal, it’s super quick and easy to do! And guess what, you get cool perks and I get to keep blogging!!! 😍 So please, check out my campaign! If you dig my writing, show your support by pledging! A girl gotta blog and eat! πŸ˜†

Remember, pledging grants you access to Patreon only poetry and stories, original sharable digiart, private nude gallery (on request), plus more fun stuffs! πŸ˜‰

Patreon only poetry and stories, original sharable digiart, private nude gallery (on request), plus more!

Β© Delia Ross. 2020

If you dig my writing, you can support my blog by subscribing to my Patreon here (thank you my lovely Patrons 😍): https://www.patreon.com/poeeternal

Keep up with me on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/poeeternal/

I follow back on Twitter and you can follow me here: https://www.twitter.com/poeeternal

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