His Kingdom

I once could feast on him but only from afar
There are continents that separate our hope
His smooth head has been polished by time
I long to run my fingers over his kingdom
But my feet are not wanted on his land
That doesn’t stop the stars falling every night for his love
The moon perched on fantasy
His poems are auras in my soul
God made it so
The storms he brew in me
Where will the rain fall now?
Who will wash your feet?
The way I’ve done after you’ve murdered me
An outcast for mercy
Forgiveness I cried
Gullibility my only ally
The gardens do not grow the way they used to
Not since he banished hope
All welcome but you need not apply
You’re not worth my time
The moment I died

My halls are haunted now
By dreams that never came
And all the things we could have done
Are all that do remain

Β© Delia Ross. 2020

His poems are auras in my soul

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67 thoughts on “His Kingdom

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  1. That makes me happy to hear, thank you!! The profile photo is a self-portrait for the most part, I suffer from depression. I dabble in a bit of amateur digiart too but all photos are of me. Thanks for the likes and the comment, and the follow, it’s appreciated! ❀

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  2. Thanks so much Tom! I really like how that line evolved too. I’m happy this one quickly made it into my top 10! I also worry about my freestyles so much so the feedback is great! Thanks for the like and comment! πŸ™‚

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  3. So do I. Always have. It took me a long time to find my own voice, but having found it just can’t stop. I don’t pretend I’m great, but I think I’m excusing myself

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  4. It takes practice and time along with skill to find your voice. I think mine is still growing. I’ve just recently started writing non-rhyme as rhyme is my specialty but I’ve been pushing myself to use all my voices.


  5. Rhyme is something I’ve seldom done outside formal forms stuck as villanelles. To me it is about not just existing myself but having the reader give their own meaning as well

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  6. I’m airways a little scared of sounding trite with rhyme. And as I am who I am (a middle aged,, shaven headed ockney living in NY) I’m always a bit concerned about playing into stereotypes

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  7. I write how I feel. I go into a trance most often. I worry about anything I write once I’m ready to hit publish. I write about it all. I definitely push boundaries. And sometimes cross lines. I bleed lines. And I definitely wear my heart on both sleeves.


  8. I feel so exposed when I write. It’s a painful process that is driven by emotion, inspiration, fear, and doubt. Yes this is a pseudonym (Scots Gaelic), but even so

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  9. I can no longer tell if I am too old or too young to write. And the scars on my body only a reflection of others held too close for comfort. But thank you for the inspiration

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  10. That’s really lovely to hear! I recently started expanding my horizon and dipping my toes in non-rhyme so the feedback is appreciated! Of course, it’s always worrisome hitting publish on any post and exposing myself. Sometimes monsters get in. One recently did and broke my heart and thus this poem. But no other love was ever as pure as mine, his loss. I’m really glad you like this one, it’s special to me. ❀


  11. Bless. You write very pure thoughts. I think the act of writing itself when done with no other intention but to share truth is a sacred act. Hope you have a great day ahead and stay safe ❀

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  12. “Share truth” ahhh it is a rare road these days and I mostly walk it alone. But despite the quiet there is something rewarding in living a pure life, truth runs these veins.


  13. Wow Delia that is beautifully written, dark, deep, sad, and a soul filled with much loneliness. You write amazing stuff.

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