KISS MY ASS BIG BRO (Censorship) πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«

Welp. I just got the warning about account deletion from Instagram. I basically said, “I made Santa’s naughty list, visit my OF to find out how”.

Many of us are having to spend Christmas alone and away from our friends and families due to the quarantines that are placed and I’m just trying to make Christmas a little less lonesome and gloomy for everyone including myself (who just lost my dad).

So going forward anything I post on Instagram will be speechless that is IF big bro doesn’t delete me from my audience like he just threatened to do!!!

I literally just had my shower and wanted to cheer up my admirers. For God sake I haven’t even had a chance to put my makeup on yet and I’ve already got a fucking warning from Instagram that they’re going to delete my account including all my messages and my followers!!! Please stop me from having a meltdown right now. 😡😡😡

Petite bums need love too
More Christmas content coming to my onlyfans if I can calm down from big bro giving me an anxiety attack
I was literally just trying to get a quick bum shot to promote my OF. It wasn’t my bum that got me in trouble, it was my fucking mouth. And this has been an issue since kindergarten okay.
I didn’t think anyone would be interested in my tiny ass but I’m going to be putting more shots of it on my OF. It was just a behind-the-scenes photo encouraging people to join.

But Instagram has now threatened me that my account may be permanently deleted.

I think businesses need to start boycotting Facebook and Instagram to protect the little guy like me.

I mean I couldn’t even say, “hey I made Santa’s naughty list, find out how”.

Welp. Y’all remember when witches were being burned at the stake?

I feel violated. Do you know how long and how many years I’ve been working on my Instagram?

And just like that, they will take it from me.

So when I calm down from all this I’ll get back to getting dressed and putting my makeup on and doing the photoshoot like I wanted to do.

Fucking hell


But, you don’t have to let that happen.

I’m running crazy good deals on my OnlyFans where I’m allowed to speak (kinda, you can’t say child or other terms I’m learning).

Only in America do they make nudity and sex a crime yet you can’t even watch a Hollywood film without there being some sex scene 5 minutes in. Nudity is consistently thrown in your face here but made illegal.

Thank you for your subs and follows and love, and especially all the nice things you’re telling me about my body and even the request you’re putting in (because I’ve now got some foot porn coming soon). 😍

And I have cute little Cinderella feet.

I’m also starting a new workout routine soon and I was going to share my progress on Instagram but I’ve received an eviction notice basically.

So if a musician is like “hey go check out my new track on my onlyfans” are they going to get their fucking account deleted too???? Because onlyfans is not just for nudes. That’s just one platform that sex workers can work safely.

I’m over 2020.

So if one day you can’t find me on Instagram, it’s probably because I’ve been banned.

Welp. 1984 is now.

If you want to see my Christmas content that’s going to be dropping, follow this link:

My LinkTree will take you places:

4 thoughts on “KISS MY ASS BIG BRO (Censorship) πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«

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  1. I have so many weird feelings about nudity being “bad” and then being everywhere.

    Do you have poetry on OnlyFans, or is it mostly sexy stuff?

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  2. My Patreon is not age restricted and there is no nudity content on my Patreon. It is every age friendly!! My OnlyFans is rated R (not XXX) but there is full nudity. I’m introducing adult stories there on my OnlyFans soon, I’m just dealing with a death in my family so the writing has been postponed on both campaigns (for December only). I would not recommend my OF if nudity is an issue (although I’m not doing XXX stuff the content is hot). My Patreon is very age friendly, I even have original digiart and photography that you can use for your own blogs or projects and you can access all my exclusive poetry and all my photography and digiart for $1 per month. For the most part I have tried to make my Patreon campaign super affordable because I know everyone is hurting. But it allows me to keep this blog going and advertisement free. I can’t stand adverts when trying to read. So, at least I’m able to continue my blog. I paused my Patreon campaign so I don’t know if anybody can join while it’s paused and I’ve never had to pause my campaign before but my dad died. So my patrons were not charged this month. I know many other people who take money from their patrons and don’t even put content out, it’s ridic. I do not run my campaigns like that. I hope I was able to answer your question. Sorry for the long reply.

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  3. But Instagram and Facebook have been getting me for my verbage, not my images. My Insta is PG13 if anything. I think it’s a shame though that I can’t promote my other artistic endeavors on that platform anymore. I’m fearful of anything I post or say now. I’ve spent years growing my fanbase there and putting out content and they threatened to remove all my content, all my messages, and all my followers. And today, all I said was, “I made Santa’s naughty list. Visit my OF to find out why”. I was able to repost the photos without the words… But they removed both my story and my post. And because my Instagram is connected to my Facebook it shared my post and I got hit at Facebook as well so just today I got three penalties against me and threatened to have both my accounts moved and be banned and I didn’t share any nudity. And I started stripping to eat because I’m starving… my transition from military to civilian life has not been easy. But I’ve been busting my ass to get by where others don’t even have to try. I’ve learned some things about popularity and fakeness in this life. I reckon Edgar Allan Poe did too which is why he died the way he did. But taking notes from one of the best… (it feels weird to get penalized for just acting seductive or just telling someone to go check out my OF. I don’t post any nudes on my social media sites. And I’ve only recently been posting light nudity here but I always put a warning with that. I don’t think my bum needs a warning? But I can (in the future) put some sort of warning if need be (for something like a bum shot). Not trying to run anyone off.

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