OnlyFans campaign update (18+)

Hello my loves! Thank you so much for visiting my blog or suporting my Patreon (all ages) or OnlyFans (18+) campaigns, or for your donations! It’s helping me grow as a human and an artist! Your support is priceless!

I’ve made some updates to my OnlyFans profile and if you are ever curious or just have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! My campaign is growing and so am I. So what was before may not necessarily be now.

Your suggestions, questions, and feedback is also helping me grow.

And my confidence is growing so much as a human and artist because of the feedback I am getting there. 😍

I am proud of my OF campaign, and I’m grateful to have a place on the web where I can truly say what I want to say or do what I want to do without being crucified.

I can’t stand censorship but I also understand not everybody wants to see nudes. I get it, I do. It has happened to me before on WordPress where I visited another bloggers page and there was a close up shot of her vagina that I saw, without any warning. Her blog was not private nor was there a nudity warning. I went to read a post and bam. Ack. It felt like receiving unsolicited dick pics. She also has a huge hold over the blogging community, whatever not going there.

I’m proud of my OF. I am really pushing myself, in all areas of my life. And while all the little Satan’s run private underground, I’m morphing into a butterfly and have complete transparency.

Like I don’t have time for trifling drama in the blogging community, I have big plans for 2021.

It often feels like fifth grade in WordPress. Like when you used to pass notes in 5th grade about, “are you still going to remain friends with so and so cuz I’m not friends with them anymore and if you stay friends with them we can’t be friends either” mentality.

I’m so much better than that and never participated in that sort of childish drama in school and will not do so here. They all sneer about me behind my back but then live in my ass crack. Just like 5th grade. *farts*

Oops, sorry about that.


So yeah, I updated my OnlyFans profile bio and might do it again.

I’ve recently dropped my first bedroom story on OnlyFans as well! Stories released on my OF get dropped here on my blog where my subs get private access to the story via a password to access the private blog post. I am giving them private access to the stories on my blog so they can quickly return to read them when they so choose, as stories will get lost in my OF newsfeed. This was my workaround. I want my content to be relatively easy to access for my Subs. It is paid, private content. πŸ‘

I’ve also been considering there may be folks out there who would like access to my adult stories but not necessarily the nudes. In the future, small donations to my PayPal or CashApp may give you access to those private stories (at a reduced price respectively). So, as I grow as an artist, so too my methods. Writing is important to me and I want folks to have access to it and I may also put all my adult stories into a book one day!! Goals are good to have!

You can check out my OF campaign here (18+):

Naughty stories, naughty photos, naughty videos, and not one ounce of shame. I should also remind that my content on OnlyFans is rated R, not XXX.

Thank you for your support.

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