Reign *new spoken word poetry reel*

You belong on some foreign land, speaking languages of the old, forgotten gods
In some haunted and forsaken land
Where your reign has better odds
Speaking words I’ll never understand
Cuz your lies they come in squads!

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I made a new Reel for this new poem!!! I know everyone crosses platforms and shares tiktok on Instagram and reels on tiktok but whatever- if I get 30 views on this new reel, I’ve decided I’m going to be happy with that. Because if 30 people showed up to watch what I did in a room, I would freak f*cking out.

You do not need an Instagram account to watch it. Watch it here:

Edgar’s bones are rattling, I think he’s been moved! (This literally did happen to him- come to think- but that’s not what I mean). I’m just trying to keep the rhyme tradition alive and I reside in modern times.

Smitten by words

You can ghost me, we still live on the same planet and in the same galaxy. Sucker!

One day you are going to die and I am going to die but the question remains now: who is going to become dust faster?

Gotcha thinking!


Some idiot on Insta insulted my ass again. He said I was living rent-free up in his mind but he was stalking my profile m’kay. Stop lying. Blocked. And thanks for the workout motivation and compliment. 👍

Here a narcissist, there a narcissist, the devil comes in two

How about this new poem I wrote tho, eh? Oh, you don’t want to let me know that I swoon you in any shape or fashion? Hence, it matters not cuz Edgar Allan Poe, yo.

Goddess of Poetry

I am an elite rhyming poet in this century and I feel like I’ve written enough decent rhyme to make my mark in that category and to call myself A REAL POET.

It may take 200 years for anyone to acknowledge that fact. But I’m having a real go at it anyway.

Watch my new spoken word poetry reel here:

Thanks for checking out my blog and for supporting indie artists!! I live and breathe poetry. 🙂

12 responses to “Reign *new spoken word poetry reel*”

  1. “Here a narcissist, there a narcissist, the devil comes in two” I love this line, and I’m not exactly sure why but it’s got me motivated to write a piece of my own. Thank you for the inspiration, and good luck with your reels!

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  2. Thanks so much for checking it out! I have a slightly different version of this on my tiktok! Just made a few days ago. And it became my number one tiktok. I don’t have many yet but it made me happy. Worked real hard on it. But I have a brain injury so things come more difficult for me. ☺

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