Dear Chris @ValentinesFall

I tried to deal with this privately.

But since he wants to post our private conversations in his Instagram story, I will just post this on my blog and when it comes to racism, it’s always been dealt the other way around. Plus, calling me every name under the sun because I don’t want a friendship or any sort of “ship” in my mental state.

This is a classic example of racism, bigotry, and narcissism, and this is actually a form of bullying and I don’t believe these people are depressed, I believe they are bored, there’s a fucking difference. Because a narcissist doesn’t have any morals, regrets, or remorse, just like he said right here for you to read- he doesn’t care about white people or white girls. But that didn’t stop him from getting in my inbox to try to get to “know me better” and when he was denied, suddenly I’m the worst thing to ever to exist. Do you know how many times this happens to me both in the real world and online? This is also a reason I don’t have many supporters because they all want to fuck me or get to know me better. And when they don’t get their way they throw a hissy fit and they blame game, this is narcissism y’all!

Yet, the very start of the conversation, I was the most amazing person and by the end of the conversation, I was the worst thing that has ever existed – this is classic narcissism 101!

And this is all happening online, you ought to see the shit that happens to me in person, a guy will tell me when I turn them down and don’t want to date them after they tried to hit on me time and time again “your pussy is just like every other pussy”…

Oh yeah, because I don’t believe you’ve actually had my pussy to make that statement and if “all pussy was the same” why y’all out there cheating. STOP GASLIGHTING.

I’m not the fucking problem here.

If you think his responses to me are okay, you’re part of the problem too.

His responses to me privately were very upsetting and I publicly announced that I was having a mental health issue without pinpointing any names or who the problem was- but then he decided to share our private conversations in his fucking Instagram story, so here we go, yo enjoy!

For the record, I actually am depressed. He’s just a narcissist, who is clearly racist against all white women and has no remorse, as he said. These narcissists just like to mirror others so they can try to win favoritism and trust, they’ll do anything to earn your trust but they’ll always be breaking it and their actions will never match their words.

I also earned my science degree in psychology, so if you think your gaslighting and your lies are going to work, they’re not, they’re just not. Why do I have to keep dealing with this shit on a daily basis? You’re not smarter than me, you’re not going to outsmart me, you’re not going to catch me, you’re not going to cage me.

And then he had the audacity to fucking knock the fact that tiktok wants to verify me.

Get in the fucking sea already…

They will go at everything you do that brings you joy, they’re soulless, empty, they have no remorse, no sympathy and empaths are their fuel.

They get off on being evil.

Monsters. But, I’m the problem, right? Because, “I’m white”? And, “all white girls are the same”.

I’m a bitch? For being sick? With mental illness? PERHAPS BECAUSE OF THIS BULLSHIT???? 🤔


If you’re still supporting Chris or his blog, you can stop supporting mine. Because in the blogging community, ‘All is fair in Love and War’. And I’m fucking good at war, in fact, I’ve been trained by the United States Army and I’ve actually been to WAR. YE

It’s always such a red flag when people come into my inbox and the first thing they want from me right away is a close connection or chance to “get to know me better”. They may be diagnosed with depression (which could be a fucking lie) but they don’t actually know what depression is.

Because you don’t treat people who have a mental illness this way and bravo for me for not putting him down in the place that he really deserved but kudos to the universe for having tiktok reach out to me for verification- lifelines goT dammit.

He said he’d still continue supporting me “from the crowd” and meant as a fucking insult and that’s how narcissists are you know- like when you ask them how you look and they respond ‘you look pregnant’ but then say it’s a joke.

Who here got my back after reading how I was treated? Who?

I do.

I’m literally responding to people on why I have a hard time connecting or making friendships or romances and that is because I suffer from a chronic mental illness. I owe not even that as an explanation.

I would also like to point out that it is not I who is a racist even though my skin is white. I cannot change how I was born.

I also do not believe that “all white women are the same” because then that would be assuming that all black men “are the same” and I just don’t see color like that. I don’t see people like that. I don’t see people as a fucking skin color.

But if the tables were turned and I were saying this- my enemies would be backed up trying to get a spear in me. But lets’ hear from the blogging community on this treatment. Cricket cricket twerp twerp.

Saying something like, “this is why I don’t date white people” is very fucking racist, and just rude. Not all white people are the same. I’m also not “a bitch” just because I refuse connection, but I definitely have the right to be whatever I want right now….

Mental health awareness checkpoint: I’m ready for war. Gonna be making some mental health tiktoks soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

Am I the only one who thinks Chris is out of line? I mean, the dev even says I’ve won this argument, which wasn’t even a fucking argument. I was like, uh, no thanks. Can’t connect. And then suddenly the snake was alive… and striking. But, uhm, I am venom bitch. COME AT ME




And watch him use the excuse “I was tired, I’d be up for days”. That doesn’t excuse this behavior. This is WHO YOU REALLY ARE AND HOW YOU REALLY FEEL ABOUT ALL WHITE WOMEN WHO ARE APPARENTLY JUST THE SAME…


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