Ryan Roxie podcast featuring Dr. Jordan Peterson

Ryan Roxie is the guitar player for Alice Cooper

So, I checked out Ryan’s podcast yesterday, it was my first time checking out his live show, and apparently it was his first time ever having a clinical psychologist on, whom Dr. Jordan Peterson was the special guest.

I was the ever dolphin in the sea, doing flips over the sharks, who were being completely rude and putting down other artist or things that were being said on the podcast, in the chat.

My little fingers were etching away on the keys.

Some of my comments made it up into the livestream. 👀

I think 2 or 3 of my comments were added to the livestream, which popped up on the monitor/ TV screen for all to see. This particular comment was something Dr. Peterson said, that has prompted me to want to write a poem. In fact, I have 3 quotes scribbled down to put in future lines. So while others there may not have enjoyed the podcast or the guest, and they were pretty blunt about letting you know that fact too, I actually appreciated the podcast so wanted them to also know. 🙂

I’m ready to get back to the world and gigging!!

It was Dr. Peterson’s first time being on a rock show too, but the dynamic turned out really well.

Apparently he is a huge Alice Cooper fan! 🙂

But when Ryan said that he was going to invite Dr. Peterson to an Alice Cooper gig the next time they were in Canada, Jordan didn’t even blink his eye.

I know 1000% he is behind the scenes jumping up and down to his family and his kids because I am also happy for him.

He did say it was a favorite band since the 70s.

Anyhoo, the chat discussed everything from music to psychology to parenting.

It was two elements not normally mixed together but I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast and the discussion.

You can check it out here: https://youtu.be/TSfS8u9EOW8

And for those who are interested, it looks like Ryan does free guitar lessons on Fridays! You really should check out his podcast on YouTube!

Follow him and subscribe! xo

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