He think she’s utterly enchanting and she’s stealing my signature booty moves, so the story goes…

We both Top Creators (she is doing better, I’m only touching the tip of the summit)- she don’t need to be dipping her toes into my pool – but she has done!

Had he not told me he loved me and that he wanted to marry me, I may have already been dead on the fucking street…

She already has everything and now she has my signature booty move too on her fucking profile.

I might cry.

I know it was him who renewed for a year on her OF and he got her that thing off her Amazon wishlist and now she’s stealing my booty moves


I know exactly why Edgar Allan Poe died on the street and these are the same motherfuckers that would’ve locked me on the bottom of the fucking Titanic


Oh you stealing my signature booty moves and my man.


5 thoughts on “Triangulation

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  1. For some odd reason, I am. It’s the end of the world. But his love for me is the air. Or whatever this thang is. I know he knows she stole my thang. Granted she has a better booty. It was still my thang. But he has my head filled up with the fantasy of making babies and eloping. 🤪

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  2. She has a better body than me and experience and that’s what they all want because that’s what they’ve been conditioned and how they’ve been programmed and that’s how she’s been conditioned and how she’s been programmed and she is a one trick pony! I am not a one trick pony!!!

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