Paid promo spam accounts!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Can Instagram / BIG BRO do something about the annoying spam accounts that follow us?

Because they aren’t “inactive” are they?

They are liking my content, following me, and then commenting – because now the only way people can even comment on my public profile is if you follow me.

I’ve had to get that strict with my public account about these fake spam promotion accounts that now my public profile isn’t even available for public commenting. 🤬


But that doesn’t stop the problem, it seems now it makes it worse? 🤔

And my real followers are very quiet, so I likely wouldn’t even show up in the explore feed.

I did one thing yesterday and got overloaded with a bunch of promotion spam accounts that followed me, liked a bunch of my content, and commented.

Toxic as fuck.

I simply followed OnlyFans on Instagram.

That’s it. I didn’t like any of their content, I did not tag them in any kind of post, or comment, I did not share any of their content on my profile. I simply followed them.

And within five seconds a bunch of spam accounts showed up and made my profile active and maybe now it’ll show up in the explore feed but I know I’ve got to go in there and weed them all out now, right? 🤔

Or, do I report them one by one and see if Instagram will actually do their fucking job?

That’s probably likely what I will do but it’s going to take an annoying amount of time and I actually have to work today and tomorrow.

So I’m busy.


I’m too busy to babysit my fucking Instagram of all the spam accounts that keep annoying me.

Does anybody else deal with this problem? How do you manage it?

The annoying, UNWANTED spam paid promotion accounts?

Cuz I’m at my wits end dealing with Instagram.

FYI: I don’t buy followers – the people who do follow me do so mostly in secret which is why you never see my numbers really change or grow (despite the glaring growth via my blog).

I don’t buy likes which is also why you never see my numbers really change.

Most of them just want to drown me on the bottom of the fucking Titanic.

I don’t use third party apps for my accounts either.

For the most part I follow the TOS rules but I still get in trouble. 👀

It’s bad enough I’ve been shadowbanned and I have to deal with these annoying promotion accounts all the time and it isn’t just when I follow someone on Instagram. Sometimes I don’t have to do anything at all but wake the fuck up.

Social media is toxic.

I try not to be toxic.

Transparent but not toxic.

Truthful and emo because I wear my heart on my sleeve.

It would be cool if I could find an account that actually wanted me to be a real ambassador or something (because let’s face it, most of those ambassador accounts are just spam accounts too), most of the shit that I come in contact with is just spam, it’s just spam, more spam collecting in my fucking life!!!

Add it to the Spectrum mailing offers that never cease despite a direct order by me to do so! Via phone, email, written, etcetera!

I’m seriously about to go Russell Crowe Unhinged on Spectrum.

You feel me?

I’m sick to fuck of spam clogging up my life!!!!

Anyhoo, it’s not even 8 AM and I’m already venting.

Life is exhausting.

I need a gig soon.

3 responses to “Paid promo spam accounts!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬”

  1. Droves is exactly right! I was swarmed! I think I’ll report them as spam accounts and see if Instagram will remove them (as opposed to just blocking). Thanks for the advice! Gonna have to put droves to use in a poem! 💪

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