If my grandmother were still alive going through all this I would beg her to not get the shot because I would not want her to go through the pain that I went through nor risk fucking dying of a fucking blood clot

Older people are doing this? *bites nails

Disabled folks are doing this *bites nails

They are wiping us from the system

“safe for use”

“Causes blood clots”

“Booster shots annually”

By PoeEternal

I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

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I never heard or found any info on the Moderna vaccine causing blot clots (which I thought was the one that you received), only the AstraZeneca, and only in rare cases. Where did you find this info out?


The CDC quietly pulled the Johnson & Johnson vaccine – it’s now been re-approved for circulation. You can get this info direct from the CDC website where I got it. However, I have not studied any information about Moderna causing blood clots but if one is causing clots then there’s a high probability that this one does too (and the others). These aren’t “common” occurrences. Do you know what the ingredient list is for the vaccines? Neither do I. Blankets with smallpox. I’m having heart problems since getting both vaccines. It’s been 4 days since dose 2 and my heart ain’t right. Even if it is causing blood clots on Moderna, the CDC are not going to cause panic. The benefits outweigh me fucking dying according to the CDC website. I’m just a casualty of this fucking war. You’re playing Russian roulette with your life if you decide to get it and you have underlying health issues and that goes for any of the vaccines. What are my credentials? I was a highly skilled combat medic for many years and I have my degree in psychology, what else do you need? I’m not home, in the ER parking lot about to leave, I will not be getting any booster shots, and since we’re wearing mask anyway, I would not have chanced my life (or heart) with these vaccines. Begging my kid at this point to not get it – but also reminding them that it is their choice. But no, not worth it. I am no longer advocating for it. Especially now we’re going to mingle with the infected anyway. I mean “unvaccinated”. I get ALL my info from the CDC website and daily emails they send me. They kept it very hush-hush about Johnson and Johnson causing blood clots. But it’s there!


I thought I explained that I have not looked into it yet on the CDC site because I haven’t had a chance – and that if 1 vaccine is causing blood clots – there’s a good chance the others are. The CDC only recently released the info about the J&J causing blood clots and the 1st dose caused me to have issues! Had to get the EKG, ect ect. Just got dose 2 on Monday. You think this shit is gonne be in the news? The health risks are those with underlying health issues are being affected by the vaccines – “safe for people with underlying health issues”, “it’s to protect the old and disabled”, “free donuts every day” It’s gaslighting! Blankets with smallpox! You can still get sick even vaccinated! Just wear your mask! It offers the same protection without changing your DNA or giving you blood clots!!! It’s causing blood clots with the J&J! I shouldn’t have got dose 2! They kept saying “safe” “for those with underlying health issues”. CDC says there are RISKS! We are the risk!!!! I was the risk!!! I fell for the blankets!!! Can anybody fucking hear me??? Does anybody fucking care??? Risks involved!!!!!!!! I didn’t need to get it!!! A mask will offer the same protection!!!!!!! Hello anybody my heart???????????????????????!??????????

I’m so angry I got this thing! I should not have got this thing! Begging my kid to mot get this thing! Would advise against getting it if you have a shitty diet and underlying health issues or are old or disabled!!!! Russian roulette! Check out the charts on the CDC!!!!


Yes I got Moderna! I don’t know what info is up yet – having a hard time dealing with dose 2. Been having issues since dose 1 and well before they pulled the other vaccine and then put it back. I had 2 anxiety attacks hearing what my doctor said yesterday “too young for your heart to look this way”. Moderna vaccines have fucked me up. There’s no hidden agenda or gaslighting. I was “the risk” the CDC talked about – the disabled who they swore this was to protect. But a mask doesn’t change my sense of taste and smell or hurt or cause me chest pains, my blood pressure to drop, or lethargy. Can you hear me now? I don’t want my loved ones getting it. They are part of the risk. Blankets with smallpox.


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