I ain’t got no hidden agenda.

I complained to my doc about certain stuff and she prescribed me aspirin to take

This was before Covid vaccinations were being offered at the VA

Then I got dose 1 – my BP was dropping

She ordered the EKG

I never got to consult with her about that and everybody at the VA said it was “safe” to go ahead with shot two despite these blaring fucking warnings.

Then more bad shit after dose 2.

And no, I haven’t scoured the CDC website to see if Moderna is causing blood clots.

They were super hush about the Johnson and Johnson one causing blood clots but it’s on the website isn’t it, it’s on the CDC website!

I worked as a nurse for years and I have my degree in psychology and yet people don’t wanna listen to my fucking credentials and that’s fine but I received blankets with fucking Smallpox and I was part of that fucking group that they swore this was here to protect us

I didn’t need to get this fucking shot

And just because you’re not having to pay out-of-pocket to get this vaccination doesn’t mean big Pharma isn’t making money

Jesus fucking christ I could still die over this because I’m still having health problems and you’re worried about the fact that there’s not any articles about it (there very well could be – I’ve been too sick and too pissed off with the latest CDC announcements to bury my nose back in the stats).

And I’m trying not to have anxiety attacks or a heart attack over the information that my doctor has given me

“You’re too young for your heart to be looking like that“

“I don’t like how your heart looks“

This was just Thursday morning.

But at some point when I can face my own mortality I will be scouring the CDC website and all those little charts that they have about the variants going on.

Because the CDC DO SAY there is RISK.

Well I’m part of the disabled whether you want to acknowledge that fact or not

I’m part of the population that this fucking vaccine is supposed to protect

But my mask will offer just as much fucking protection against this vaccination

So I would’ve rather taken my chances with fate and not received the vaccination and just continued wearing my mask


But now I’ve spent two days under a fucking heating pad because my heart is hurting

And I gotta stay out of my head about the pain coming from my actual heart

Because then I start hyperventilating and I have different kinds of breathing problems

So right now I just need to dissociate and remind myself that my body has recovered from several broken bones and I can recover from this broken fucking heart

The shit that’s happening to me is rare so you’re not gonna find it all over the news they don’t want to alert the fucking population they don’t wanna fucking scare you they made the decision to re-circulate Johnson and Johnson even though it’s causing blood clots – this I know IS on the site.

I am 1000% allowed to assume that Moderna does too!!!!!!

I have a medical background!

I was a highly skilled medic!!!!!!

During this life!!!!!!!!

I was part of that old school army where we weren’t allowed to talk about what we were doing on fucking social media


Blankets with smallpox I received

And now I can say without fucking regret that if you are part of the disabled population you really need to fucking think twice about getting any of those vaccinations

do you really wanna play Russian roulette with your life when all you need to do is continue wearing your mask because you could still get sick even vaccinated

Stay woke

I’m ready to burn down the entire fucking system but I can’t because my heart is tired of fighting thanks to the fucking illuminati who just took away 40 fucking years of my life

But you’re not gonna find that in any CNN articles

By PoeEternal

I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

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