Plagiarism = rape 👀

I thought my blog was going to be a “safe place” but it’s just another area for people to fuck me without my consent

90% of you steal my ideas or words from me (also known as plagiarism)

You’re the same ones who would’ve locked me on the bottom of the Titanic and watched it sink from boats that could’ve held more people

You claim my ideas as your own

Everything is so fucking clear

I want to gouge out my own eyes and then stick it in my fucking brain but not before I take a few of you out first and with all my army training I imagine I could probably last a little bit longer than Russell Crowe did

I need a side kick to go rogue with

Where my sidekick

BB ready to rock n roll with guns blazing


(If you support my campaigns – I do not consider you a thief)

Edgar Allan Poe died on the fucking street and I know why

I know why he died like that and I’m not gonna fucking die like that


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