Not an organ donor 🙌

Why do I turn into Sagittarius A* when I see other girls flirting with you?

I don’t think telling you I turn into a black hole in the center of our Milky Way galaxy is an accurate enough description on how it makes me feel when I see other girls flirting with you


Big Pharma doesn’t have a pill for my kind of obsession


Also when I look at a galaxy it looks like a bunch of paint that’s being drained down a tub, so all that stuff is going somewhere and likely the same place we go when we die, so I don’t want my energy being messed with in any shape, form, or fashion when I die.

Do not drain the blood from my body, do not pump my body full of chemicals, do not remove my organs, just put me in a fucking box and put me somewhere and let me take 10,000 years to deteriorate, yeah?


Because I never thought having a grave to crawl into would be something that I would have to worry about but it is.

I want a grave to crawl the fuck into and I don’t want my body being messed with when I die. I don’t want my hair being touched, I don’t want my skin being touched, don’t fucking touch me, don’t fucking touch me, just put me in a fucking box.


I wanna dissolve at an incredibly slow rate. Because blood is the sun and bones are the Earth.


You can’t have my organs when I die, I am a selfish motherfucker and I am not an organ donor.



Let me rot in peace, without any manmade chemicals inside me to “preserve me”.

Don’t fucking preserve me.


(Unless for science to clone me or bring me back digitally).


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