New Free OnlyFans coming soon! 🥰

So I just sent the OnlyFans team a request on how to get a new free verified account started – I was dead serious about starting one – I’m not going anywhere (even though I can barely do shit at the moment, I do intend a full recovery from this COVID vaccine nightmare) –

I hope you are excited as me about the free account!

It will be FREE but you will have to subscribe to access the lewd (NOT NUDE) content.

This way I no longer get in trouble from Big Bro for not doing anything wrong at all – and maybe I can go back to having an actual personality where I don’t fear everything I post or say or hashtag. 💪

Nor, the erroneous reporting out of spite and jealousy. 🚫

I like having a private club and people want to see more of me and I’ve had several request on several different social sites and now I’ll have a place to direct them to see more (but if they want to see it all, it will require a subscription)! 🙃

Anyway, I’m really excited about starting the process for my new FREE OnlyFans!

I hope you are excited too! 🙌

I have heard your cries!

So I am expanding my doors!

I love you! 💕

As a reminder – I love doing cosplay and role play! I’m gonna keep at this! It’s what I wanted to do since I was a little girl – and I feel really excited about expanding my business, opening my doors (privately) and in a place where I can be as tacky as a fucking want even though I’m actually more classy than I am tacky but whatever

I do specialize in softcore but there’s an art to it and it’s more commonly known as like Kama Sutra or vampirism. 👀

It’s more about sensation and less about desensitizing.


Le vampyre and 1984 is now so it’s time to expand my doors because you’ve asked for more – and I don’t actually like publicly sharing more.

Again, lewds not nudes! You’ll have to be a big boy and pay if you wanna see it all.

But, I can go back to being my kinky seductive flirty vampire self oh my fucking God! I’m super fucking excited and I hope you will consider joining my free OnlyFans!

You asked, I complied! 🤪

Your wish is my command! 🤓

I’m still working on redoing my home studio and master bedroom. I don’t have shit hung anywhere. It looks like I’ve already died and the vultures have been here! 👀

Spring cleaning + reorganizing + downsizing = nightmare 🤪

Especially when you have no design skills at all and everything you currently have is a mix-mash of wtfisgoingon 😩

And then add some sort of glitch that makes it hard for you to let anything go even though you don’t even fucking want it


I don’t know why I’m holding onto all this shit and it’s gonna come out into a poem at some point 😷

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