Native Americans and white lives don’t matter

Native Americans and white people are being systematically shut down and wiped out

I come from Native Americans and white people and I’m being systematically silenced and wiped out


I love and protect people of all color but don’t fucking gaslight me

Can we please get that Middle Eastern Bible out of America?

Because now they are trying to use the Bible to remove indigenous people from their tribal homes and put them with “good Christian families”!!!!! βœ‹πŸ›‘βœ‹

Fuck you Texas!

I think there’s a good chance I might actually get crucified or jailed before I die on the street out of madness like Edgar Allan Poe

Morning rant over

But racism absolutely does exist and I’m consistently under attack because of the history and color of my skin

But I swear to fuck if one more person calls me racist I will track you down and do some things to you that Vladimir Tepes has done


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