Hello Big Pharma

India is the number one manufacturer of drugs and vaccines in the world and my psychiatrist is from India (a doctor in the VA)

And I’m a Soldier

Talk about enemy lines 👀

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was getting you to believe he didn’t exist

And the thing is, we give foreigners incentive to come over here and study certain subjects and medicine is included in that and then we give those graduates the jobs instead of the Americans who graduated in those fields 👀

To make matters worse, they’ve been using the Bible to manipulate us, take our money, control and micromanage us, and basically it’s another pyramid scheme for your money

Stay woke (and spiritually, they are keeping you from your true form)

Alcohol is giving you cancer and prematurely aging you

Porn is breeding monsters

Japan already has stores by Amazon with no people running them and they are trying to push that lifestyle on us in America with self check out

They are making humans obsolete

And in this timeline I hate Elon Musk

I’m trying to save you but more importantly I’m cutting the chords to save myself

It’s crazy how they forced the digital age on us and this pandemic was man-made and Mark Zuckerberg is a puppet for the illuminati and you should fucking destroy your Facebook accounts

I’m getting ready to take things a step further and reach out to businesses and apps and request my data to be deleted

My Internet service provider was also selling my private information and in some locations you can’t opt out

I won’t be doing this forever and more than likely when I get my land, I’m gonna be going underground permanently

No more Wi-Fi or smart phone

I love you

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