85k! 😍


I mean, thank you for the traffic to my blog! 😍

On some days I want to give everything up and on others I feel like I’m gonna be blogging until I die… βœ”οΈβœ”οΈ

I’d like to be dead and have scheduled posts

Keep my readers on edge

Like, they know I’m really dead but the random drops would kickstart their heart

Somebody is already stealing my fucking idea


Anyhoo my blog is still 100% advertisement free/zero spam

You know the 1% are tracking me

Think all my shite was hacked

Think all of AT&T were hacked, not just Apple and the others who were exposed

I thought I was going to be safer for hopping over onto Apple but apparently not because their shit gets hacked too

So when I get my land I will be getting rid of my smart TV and my smart phone and pretty much all of my smart devices

I’m starting a commune and trespassers will be shot

Invite only πŸ‘€

As far as I know a commune isn’t allowed alcohol and that’s fine by me because we’re allowed medicinals

And I have a medical background so I can help you get clean πŸ‘€

Going to need builders, gardeners, and all kinds of people to help me

Gonna live free πŸ₯°

And maybe I’ll use the local library to say hello from time to time

Might have my own coms system tho

Land is still reasonable priced and accessible

Might start a gofundme to get the commune going

I’ve been on bedrest for months, don’t even fucking roll your eyes at me, people make gofundme for beer

I want land

And a little community with a garden πŸ₯°

Like a mini farm with some Turkeys I rescued from Thanksgiving slaughter

A place of second chances

A little garden of eden on earth

With your heart carved in my apple tree 🌳

And a little family and pet cemetery

And all that shit is legal in Florida

It’s not a pipe dream

Colonizing other planets is a fucking pipe dream

We’re not meant to leave the earth

My bones are calcite

I come from the earth

I have lava flowing through my veins

My body is energy and requires energy to run

I feed it the good stuff of the earth

I have avoided alcohol and I can still bear children

No greys yet

K, thanx, bye

And thank you for 85k! I’ve been writing my heart out! Big kiss!

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