The Nebulizer pt 3 (with video)

It makes me mad that I’ve been affected by the government hiring freezes and government furloughs and I have a college degree but yet foreigners haven’t had any problems coming over here getting any of our jobs and they’re taking all the good jobs, the highest paying jobs and most of the management positions too

The CDC failed to put out a warning and thousands died after receiving the vaccines

I was nearly in that number

You will read in the news that the number of people who died after getting the vax are minuscule

What’s worse, they aren’t including my age group in the numbers And are saying that heart inflammation is only happening with teens and youth yet I was vaccinated before the teens and youth and got heart inflammation plus my left lung isn’t inflating all the way

I have circulation issues

The “tiredness” the CDC listed as a side effect is actually acute lethargy from not being able to breathe, blood clots trying to pass through my heart, a sac filled with fluid in my heart, possibly the virus, but whatever it was, it hurt like fuck, my heart swelled up, I had one chamber closed off (probably from clots) and another chamber enlarged. You ever have your heart swell up? Well mine did because I chose to get the Moderna vaccines – The CDC had pulled the Johnson and Johnson vaccines temporarily but failed to let us know that Moderna also caused heart inflammation – but it does and I let you know but it took a long time before they came out with a warning and I had to deal with you calling me a liar in the meantime

Or, instead of wishing me to get better you would come back with a comment like, “I didn’t read about that on the CDC website”- yeah that’s because they hadn’t put out a fucking warning yet and thousands died after getting the vaccine and I was almost included in that fucking number and I still could, my heart could still give out

And it doesn’t help that I’m crawling headfirst down the fucking rabbit hole

Just don’t go running towards that light in the cave…

Phosphorite 😌

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