Computer sold!

And there’s a jump start towards my land!

And even though I completely wiped the drive (the lady at Apple actually said I did everything right and they don’t understand why that happened- but it’s just proof that I’m in an alternate timeline because I have all these weird glitches that keep happening around me)

It was absolutely fine when I put it in the box. It had the updated operating system and had the welcome screen but come the next day, which was today when I took it in to sell it, when they plugged it in it had a? flashing

But was showing the welcome screen when I told it goodbye and packed it up

Originally he said he’d give me $500 wiped, which he said was risky, or, if I could fix it to where they could get back into it he would give me $700

So, I loaded that heavy bitch back up and took it back home πŸ‘€

But after Apple had me on hold for 20 minutes to research what was going on and they still didn’t have a resolution, she emailed me some step-by-step instructions on potentially how to fix it, along with a case ID

I was already scared to touch it because I’m not even an expert at Apple products and all I did was one step and the entire system was wiped πŸ‘€

So then I called the pawnshop back and requested to speak to the dude who made the offer and explained to him what Apple said and asked him instead “if I let you hold it overnight can you try to fix it yourself and give me like 600 for it instead” and he replied “you can just bring it in for 550” and so that was what we settled on

Did I do goods? πŸ‘€

It’s been a weird day

I also rolled up into the police station very animated today to see who was woke

And made it very clear that I was pissed off that my job was stolen from me by someone from India and that I was sick of starving and didn’t wanna die on the street πŸ‘€

So I got that out of my system

And one of the detectives is looking into it because they didn’t know anything about it and I said well we need to start talking about it if we’re going to have the policy changed and I said at the minimum they need to adhere to the same rules we do

She agreed πŸ‘€

I bet her looking into it will last all of five minutes

So I’m gonna keep waking up the people on the streets and the soldiers too

Did you fucking know I serve my country for you? πŸ‘€

Still? πŸ‘€

I’m walking through landmines

Keep searching for the safe lines

This isn’t the first war I’ve fought and I’m not talking about a hypothetical war, I’ve been to fucking war and now we have ourselves amidst a Trojan fucking horse

My name is Delia and I’m a warrior-poet

Just like Edgar Allan Poe πŸ‘€

He couldn’t publish his work at the local press to earn a penny and died on the fucking street poor

How long has India been over here fucking us?

*pauses for zen moment*

So the guns at the pawnshop are fucking brilliant and I’m allowed to put it on layaway

I don’t have to take the fucking class because the Army trained me but I do have to pay for my carry permit but I don’t have to take the class, I can pass go and collect $200 (well in this case, I can pass go but pay the $200)

I’ll be packing soon!

And going to the range for target practice! We’ve got one nearby!

P.S. why do I block you? For real tho? What the fuck did you do, like somebody’s post? Ignore mine? Pff it’s no wonder I’m up and down

Some days you’re the entire reason I block you and other days I block you to keep you safe from me because I’m going insane

Sometimes I think I do it to wonder if you can fucking feel anything at all πŸ‘€

And other days I do it because I’m crying for help and don’t want to die on the street

And for some reason I’ve allotted you that burden πŸ‘€

My death on your shoulders πŸ‘€

When I’m acting out it’s because I need you

Good luck figuring out if to love you or kill you πŸ‘€

I don’t want to hurt you

I mean sometimes I wanna knock you upside your head

Maybe both simultaneously

And other times I wanna jump your bones and do the naughty things πŸ‘€

I’m kinda untamed

May start a Gofundme

I’m fucking serious as a heartbeat

I’m tired of my brothers and sisters struggling out there so people from other countries can come over here and eat off our fucking back

And they’re getting ready to do another shutdown but it’s not going to stop the foreigners from coming over here and getting all of our best jobs and management positions too because they think that we will work at fucking McDonald’s to pay our rent forever

Ding dong wrong!

Hot as fuck in Florida still!

If you are a friend or ally! Lemme know!!

When the shit gets bad, just remember, the Soldiers are on the civilians side

Don’t go out there shooting us πŸ‘€

I’m trying to do things legally to get the policies changed

I need you to wake up as many as you can

Put your differences aside

It’s time we get America back πŸ‘€

I’ve got more attachments I’m going to attempt to sell, if they can be sold, and every cent is going towards my land/commune!

For the land! Starting a commune! You can buy a plot for $2k but if I get out in the country and get land that isn’t zoned already or even if I get land that’s already zoned with power, it may not have a road or you may need to work the land which is exactly what I wanna do, I want to work the fucking land and live on it

And I’m sorry I block you πŸ˜”

It just means I hate you

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