Light at the end of the tunnel appears

Does this mean I’m getting reprogrammed or an upgrade? πŸ‘€

Spoke with my lawyer today πŸ’ͺ

She said everything was looking good regarding my request for an increase in my compensation and I’ve finally finished up all my appointments but she’s not the one who makes my rating decision and there’s no guarantee what the VA will decide (still she’s positive from what she can see)

However, we have X amount of time to appeal if we don’t get the rating I deserve

But I have somebody in the corner fighting for me now and not just anybody, a lawyer!

And she felt confident today that I wasn’t gonna get a decrease but there’s no guarantee what the VA’s decision will be

She also said she was taking an hour and a half aside to look through all of my records to see if there was anything that I missed or if there was anything new that I needed to file for

She’s a good one and I finally have somebody in my corner and she felt positive and so now I feel positive

But I asked for an increase in 2018 for my asthma and they decreased it and now I’m on a fucking nebulizer. So yeah, I’m happy I finally walked into the Vet center to utilize the services I have earned

The cops don’t give a shit that the vets are starving or losing their jobs for no reason πŸ‘€

Annie (my lawyer) also likes my land buying idea over dying on the street

All signs are pointing to me getting some land in the future

And that brings some comfort to the soul and heart which is in agonizing pain both physically and emotionally (especially when facing the fact that you could wind up like Edgar Allan Poe) πŸ‘€

I might have a decision as soon as October 25th πŸŽƒπŸ™πŸŽƒ

I’m fighting for 100% at this point but I told my lawyer today I was just hoping for all increases and no decreases this time

I honestly don’t know why I haven’t used the Vet Center sooner but I’m depressed

So if you’re a soldier out there and you’re struggling, please go to the Vet Center ASAP and let somebody else carry your cross for a little while πŸ’ͺ

Make sure you work with somebody who isn’t going to make you want to jump from a bridge

Not everyone is professional out there

Not everyone has your best interest at hand

Most everyone is rooting for the soldier to fall

You might wanna stop burning all of your bridges πŸ‘€

I would just like to say that at this point the lawyer hasn’t needed to do anything, I’ve done everything on my own, but I was afraid I might get a decrease like I did last time, so I didn’t wanna wind up becoming all suicidal and dying on the street because I’m already struggling to pay my rent, so I went into the Vet Center this time and my lawyer can see what’s going on and she will be there to fight for me if things don’t go as planned, so I have a safety net this time πŸ‘€

I’m so proud of me

Crawling to the finish line

But fucking low crawling

And 3 to 5 second rushes πŸ‘€

Y’all, I am 3 inches closer to my goal of being a first time land owner πŸ‘€

I may not have a coffin to crawl into, but I’ll have a fucking hole!! πŸŽƒ

But I want a Maple tree with some maple syrup leaking out of that bitch so I can have it on my pancakes

Some of you will be welcome on my commune πŸ€—

I scheduled so much shit for deletion

I didn’t keep any of it

Your emails and written lies, soon kissing the abyss forever πŸ‘€

Starting anew

I didn’t keep any digital records

Because Chester was right, in the end, it doesn’t really matter πŸ‘€

I was having trouble holding on, so I let it all go πŸ‘€

Cut the cord πŸ‘€

More like hacksawed that bitch

Can you imagine the load released

Enough to kill somebody upside down on their head πŸ‘€

“Oh he was going to die anyway” πŸ˜‘

Getting closer to having my own land and my T3 arsenal and I can have my own garden and I can start preparing for the apocalypse because Apophis is still on her way

Can’t wait to start digging my underground bunker like those in NAM

I may be selling my PS4 and all my games but I’m gonna go back to board games and card games and you know howling at the moon πŸ‘€

Running naked through the cornfields

Staying up all night listening to the frogs croak

Screaming bloody murder because I ran into a spiderweb πŸ‘€

Getting a bruise because I fell asleep under the apple tree

Stupid shit

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