She’s on the adoption list!

I wish I had somebody in my life that could have taken her in so that I could’ve remained in her life and visited her but she’s on the adoption website, so she made it through their tests, she didn’t get euthanized!

I’m sobbing 💔

I originally adopted her when she was just 15 weeks old. She just turned 7 years young!

Bless her heart!

She’s extremely clever and loves to explore! Annie the explorer! Her name was Lenox when I adopted her as a baby.

It didn’t take them long to get her listed on the website to be adopted, I only took her up there 48 hours ago and I’ve been worried sick!!

Part of me wants to go check on her but I know I can’t because she would think that I was coming to get her, so it’s just fucking cruel, to be out of her life like this.

I hope she will get the home/family that she deserves.

She loves to cuddle!

Ugh! This is incredibly hard! I actually can’t put into words how gutted and hollow I feel in my heart.

Definitely feel like the shittiest mom ever and I’m having a hard time dragging my crucifix along.

They kept her name 🥰

Part of me so badly wants to go spend the money to go rescue her but the cord has been cut and this is our path now

I want to be in her life, I do


And without direction or course these days

But to drift out on my own

I’m glad she didn’t get euthanized!

I couldn’t stand signing that form!

Despite knowing she is a sweet cat!

She was up-to-date on all her shots so I hope she will find a home that she deserves!

She’s scared but curious. She’s been homeless before. Bless her heart.

I’ve abandoned her


*boat fills with water*

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  1. I couldn’t imagine having to learn the lesson of giving up my entire life, my wife and my children, because I got stuck in a fucking hole. I can barely stand the heartbreak of admissions, when it’s really letting go…


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