He’s never once said I was sensational

He doesn’t even know I exist πŸ‘€

Made you look πŸ‘€

I post at will but love with tidal force

My campaign is free but tips appreciated! πŸŽƒ


11 thoughts on “He’s never once said I was sensational

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  1. Honey, they are easily ruled by plastic and silicone. There’s nothing sensational about letting people piss on you or going from anal to vagina (which is dangerous & promoting unhealthy sexual lifestyles in real society)- it’s all terrible acting what they do. You could easily have 85k followers too if you just took the easy way out. You’re more evolved than most of these animals on earth. The universe sends you blessings cuz it must think you are sensational. Don’t let these sleeping cowards get to you. Apophis is coming. πŸ₯°


  2. India is the number one manufacturer of drugs and vaccines in the world and the Delta variant is running rampant but they don’t actually have to take the vaccines in America, they can say no to it and keep their job that we will lose if we say no because of the special privileges and the fact that they can claim religious preference but if Americans try to claim religious preference the department of labor would cease it. The cops are sleeping and/or don’t care of the Federal issues going on in the world, or the fact that American Soldiers are dying by suicide at an astonishing rate!


  3. Because the government furloughs and the government hiring freezes are allowing the immigrants to take our jobs. They don’t even have to get vaccinated and there’s millions and millions of immigrants living in America now. Immigration has been a Trojan horse.


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