New York Real Estate: Rich Kids Use HDFC Tax Breaks Meant for Low-Income People

If you have a modest income but access to lots and lots of cash, New York City has an apartment ownership program that’s right up your alley. Except that it wasn’t meant for you at all.
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I will say it again, the housing market is rigged! 😡😡😡

Immigration has made sure that they are golden here and their children born here too and if you are American – welcome to the Great American slavery!

The cost of living just increased 30% again.

They honestly think we will keep working these low paying jobs and three jobs just to pay our rent.

I mean I’m so fucking depressed I was ready to check out because I didn’t want to do it anymore.

They are taking all our good jobs and their children born here too.

Immigration to America has been a Trojan horse.

I yelled this in the police station.

The old, civilian racist white guy was the only one in the police station who really understood what was going on 👀 “Are you trying to tell me an Indian stole your job”

I mean yes but fuck…

Just don’t confuse Indian and Native American anymore

Don’t you fucking dare 😡

We need to change stuff fast!

I’m no longer participating in society so I’m not going to the movies, I’m not going to concerts, I’m not going to the restaurants, I’m not participating in this fucking bullshit until this regime gets changed.

I’m tired of being your slave!!!

I’m a Soldier! I thought I was protecting Americans!!! Not immigrants who get special privileges and always in mommy’s money!!!

Because the housing market is rigged, I haven’t been able to buy a home and I had to be a single parent struggling without any child support, working three fucking jobs and going to college full-time!

And now I’m 43 years old and I’m still having to rent and renting continues to go up annually, the prices go up annually, it doesn’t matter if you live in the same house or the same apartment, your rent will go up for no fucking reason whatsoever!

And as soon as the government gives me a pay increase, I mean as soon as Uncle Sam gives me a tiny ass pay increase, two weeks later I get a note on my door that my rent is increasing!!! 😡

I don’t have anybody to turn to for my financial problems

When I got hit with the government furloughs and the government hiring freezes and I nearly lost my Jeep after having paid $18,000 on it and had been getting up slaving working all those fucking jobs in the military and the department of defense and then my own family turned their back on me but I had to continue watching them all dump loads of donation money to animal organizations on Facebook while I struggled to eat and was drowning in COLA while living under my means

I hate them all. And none of them are allowed on my land or in heaven!!!

You have no idea how hard my struggle has been and I didn’t deserve to be crucified upside down the way I was!

There was one stranger who saw some worth in me.

And everything that you love about me is because of him.

I hate him and I love him the same

It’s complicated

But God will allow him to carry me home to heaven.

He just might want to skedaddle himself back to hell quickly as I am on a war path.

Keep going from panic to calm

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  1. If anyone in my family had just donated five dollars towards my campaign, I wouldn’t feel this ill towards them. They aren’t worth the air they breathe. I don’t give a fuck if anybody dies, don’t fucking call me! You don’t exist!


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