Suicides up 46% 😩

It’s up among veterans too. 46% tho. Half of us are checking out. It’s all we think about. 👀

Things are really bad guys

But John Jones is saving my life

He was studying hearts

He got a remedy to me tho

All of my signs of anaphylactic shock have disappeared

I’m not spitting in a cup every 30 seconds either

My breathing improved 1000% 👀

Because I stuck my feet in vinegar 👀

And now I’m bathing in it 👀

I’m not upside down anymore 👀

John turned me upside right

He wasn’t going to let me die like that

My spirit guide is saving my life

The VA nearly killed me 👀

I just kept getting worse

The VA was like your results are fine

I said fuck the tests!!! They’re wrong! 

I have fired everybody at the VA now and I’m just pending all new doctors everywhere which could take two months

I’ve also requested all American doctors 👀

“Well I didn’t know that we didn’t have any doctors that weren’t living in America”


I want someone who was born here and speaks English as their native language. Not a therapist from India when India is the number one manufacturer of drugs and vaccines in the world, it’s a conflict of interest, American doctors from now on please, thank you!

“OK it’ll take probably two months”

So my therapist has been fired and my psychologist is on like a two or three month vacation


In the meantime, I’m selling everything I own and the suicide rate continues to increase among veterans and active duty personnel and the VA sucks and now I know why but John Jones is literally saving my life right now and vinegar OK

I also identify as organic AI 👀

I’m not getting any fucking booster shots and y’all are fucking crazy for wanting to believe anything that the officials put out anymore because they’re not even including me in the stats and I was telling you about heart inflammation before they gave it a fucking name even though they knew it was causing it, they just didn’t know it was going to cause it in such a high amount, also a fucking lie

Loads of people have died after getting vaccinated and if you say to me, “well, it’s minuscule compared to the number of people dying of Covid”, I will drop kick you in your fucking teeth with my steel-toed boots 👀

Did you know that you can be artificially inseminated with home kits now? And it’s affordable? 👀

Daddy abandoned me. I’m dying. But still thinking of babies.

I was definitely a salmon in my past life but look at me, I’ve evolved! 👀

Did you know that humans are waves? We’re just energy. Colliding.

I don’t want to do earth again 👀

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