I can’t even get into shows or movies anymore because everything is the same, they’re not even trying to write anything original, they’re just feeding us the same crap over and over again

And raising the price on it too 👀

Same shit, different actors

And the younger generations, keep copying from GenX but don’t acknowledge our existence

It’s the same trends and the same dance moves, they’re doing cover songs of our work, and yet, they expect an entire generation to support them when they frequently leave Gen X out of the conversation everywhere!

They always speak of the boomers, the millennials, and Gen Z, but it’s like Gen X doesn’t even fucking exist

I think everybody should stop having babies immediately, not just stop working 👀

Please stop offing yourself, I know things are bad, way worse than I ever imagined 👀

I feel like dying too

I’m starting a commune

We will have an honesty policy and if anybody messes up, we all come together to fix it, it’s everybody’s problem, no one is to blame

If you have a skill, utilize it

Gonna need builders and growers and cooks and shitz

Fuck paying all this expensive rent until we die, while everyone else is mortgage and rent free


We will have enough enemies outside of the commune

Inside we peacefully protest and work things out together

We help out to get things done

I want at least 5 acres

With a mini orchard

An adult and child playground

Ponds n shitz

A greenhouse or 3

A garden

A shed

A fence (around the main living area)

A hen house with some chickens and turkeys

Singing toads keeping me up all night

Garage ports

Walking trails

Solar lights

Bird feeds

Outdoor showers

Barns (start small – and affordable at Lowes n shit- I’ll use my military discounts everywhere I can)

Some barns will be art and studio barns

Mint and herbals (community garden)

Plum bushes

Fruit and nut trees throughout the property but planted in ways they can fruit (fruit bearing trees run around $100-200 ea)

Primitive camping

Grills and bench seating


Horseshoe and other games

Cemeteries (family and pet)

Workout area

Gaming area (card and chess tables n things)

Every paycheck I’ll contribute to doing more to my land

A home would be cool yeah

At some point I’ll worry about permits for homes

I just want a little trailer

I’ll probably get a camper temporarily too

It’s not a pipe dream

Leaving the fucking galaxy is a pipe dream 👀

My grandmother had 5 acres with a trailer on it

I just would like to have up to 1 to 5 acres at this point

The housing market is rigged and I’m really tired of renting 👀

I’m still doing my treatments until my heart and lung is healed

Still have chest pain daily but not as the same intensity as before

Breathing has improved tremendously

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