FaceBook are rebranding

Big bro no longer wants to be known as a social media platform but instead as the leader of the Metaverse, because apparently he’s a super villain now πŸ‘€

You can’t tell me we’re not living in a simulation

What the fuck is a metaverse and how do I get out of it?

The President said FaceBook was toxic and now they are rebranding

They’ve lost a huge portion of their audience

And now what, they can rely on the soul sucking younger gens?

Have fun with that

I’m gonna be having my own coms and shit on my land πŸ‘€


AM/FM radio

And anything else we might need to survive nuclear fallout because it’s coming, Elon Musk has started Skylink πŸ‘€

Skylink and Metaverse

You can’t convince me I’m not organic AI πŸ‘€

Earth is going through a dimensional phase (I reckon it does this every 75,000 years)

I want to learn my lessons and move on

I’m not doing Earth again πŸ‘€

New Earth is coming

She won’t wait on you

And nature will win

You gotta hang onto your soul if you wanna ride

Apophis is coming

And I’m gonna be digging and probably head first πŸ‘€

Something about going down a hole feet first makes me even more claustrophobic πŸ‘€

I don’t want to eat the earth

I don’t want to scratch my face

But I do want to dig a trench and some foxholes and a NAM shelter πŸ‘€

Also it’s really easy for me to start stocking up on guns and I don’t even need to take the class because I’m Army trained I can skip the class, I don’t have to pay for the class, I can just get the fucking permanent to carry

And I’m gonna be at the range and I really want to get enough acres that I can target practice

I don’t need much practice, I’m an excellent Soldier

I just need my own land to do the things I was programmed to do πŸ‘€

Because I think my skill grade is above everybody I’m having to go to help for

K, thanx, bye

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