Increases! Not decreases! πŸ˜Œ

Welp. 80% disabled rating now.

We gonna keep climbing for that 100% tho. At $3100 a month I’d be set.

Go ahead and call me lazy. I earned it 😎

So not only did Annie get adopted this week but my increase went through so that’s two positive things from the Uni

I got enough money in my pocket right now to buy some land but I really want to save up to $10K so I’m gonna start talking to some dudes who owns some land and see what my prospects are

“Well what you looking to do on your land”

“Everything” πŸ‘€

Hunting (I prefer target practice), camping, farming, burial, and some sleep barns for starters 😌

“You planning on putting a house on that thang”

I’ll probably get a fence up before I get a house up

But squee – I needed an increase. I’m 100% disabled already. I just need my rating and paycheck to show it.

By the time I make it to the age to draw my Social Security, I will already have died

But I’m getting ready to file for early Social Security πŸ‘€

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