Welp. The cost of electricity just went up

Check your electric bills, the NWO are adding new charges! Apophis has them spooked! The cost of living (COLA) has gone up everywhere!

And I don’t even understand what all these new charges even are but it’s not like we have any choice in fighting it 🙄

Land solar now!

I’m done with society

The ones in charge are evil

I’m living off grid soon


2 thoughts on “Welp. The cost of electricity just went up

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  1. Jesus man we gotta revolt soon! I gotta get the commune going! But if they make booster shots mandatory, I won’t ever be traveling outside of the US ever again…

    And with Boeing falling out of the sky, I’d rather stay afoot.

    I need a foxhole. And some pumpkin pie. If I can afford one now! 🤪

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