I am God’s Chauffeur for all living things

My Jeep carries the most precious cargo

This time it was a baby lizard and I thought for sure it flew off a couple times but it survived the round trip

From Yellow jackets to baby lizards

Welp. My license does say “good driver” πŸ₯°


And why is it this always happens when I’m going after my lunch? πŸ€”

I love lizards! And I wasn’t gonna let one get hurt under my watch!

I had to pull over a couple of times to check on it and on my way back when I pulled over I couldn’t find it so I wasn’t sure it made it because he was running on top of the hood in a panic! But once I got home and parked he came out running and I was so happy to see him make the round trip!

He was adamant about not getting off my ride too! Such strong will for such a little guy! Babies are resilient but also so damn fragile!

There was traffic everywhere too because of the holiday but I was just wanting food and rest (no activity for me).

So I was trying not to get in accident and also not to kill the baby lizard who wouldn’t leave my ride!

I used to hang out with the lizards in the desert when I was deployed to Kuwait and Iraq as a combat medic but I don’t like scorpions and spiders and snakes and thangs πŸ‘€

But it seems absolutely appropriate for me to be giving a lizard a ride for Halloween so you know I guess all things considering it was a pretty normal day πŸŽƒ

This is got to be a simulation

But I’m pretty certain if anybody was qualified to give God a ride it would be me even when I’m turning down the wrong ramp (and falling upside down)

I’m still gods favorite and apparently I need to build an ark?

Or is my commune like a land ark? 🀨

Who wants access inside? πŸ€“

I need help building some shelves n things

I haz garden πŸͺ΄


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