SmithEmber says I’m a dumb dumb

Stupid people really are unaware of how stupid they are but they are first to remind you over and over how dumb you are

Lord almighty

I’m gonna go back to sleep so I don’t have to deal with anymore stupidity for the day

(Please note I’m talking about a hypothetical sleep and not an actual real one)

I was literally agreeing with this person about the content that they responded to and the creator even liked my reply to him but this person has gone on and on telling me that I don’t understand what they’re trying to say and asking me to stop replying to them as if they weren’t tagging me with responses 🙄

So I’m air blasting this stupidity

You know how they say that we are in a simulation and everybody around you is just background noise?

Simulation 101

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it and no matter how much you understand what somebody else is saying they may not understand that you agree with what they are saying because they don’t have the reading comprehension or skill set to be able to take in information in more than one way

It wasn’t rocket science to understand what this person was saying the video that they were listening to connected with them and creeped them out and they themselves used the word fear even though I know they meant it in a weird way and no matter how many times I said I get what you’re saying they kept calling me stupid

You’re right, I’m absolutely fucking retarded

My IQ is that of a sloth

I am a dumb dumb animal for not being able to decipher that a message freaked you out in a positive and weird way

How the fuck I ever earned a degree in psychology I’ll never know…

Musta been dumb luck

Or let me guess. you think I gave blow jobs all the way to the top?

Y’all need to get some new fucking material already

Broken record

Oh my God look another user without any fucking videos telling me I don’t know nothing

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