Thank you for the follows!!

I woke up to another blog notification that my blog was getting noticed, I’ve had about three of those in a week, thank you for following me!! πŸ₯°

My laptop arrived in Orlando at 2:15 AM and I’m really excited for it to arrive, I’m going to be inspecting it thoroughly and updating it, making sure everything works! I’ve never owned an Apple laptop before so it feels like Christmas has come early, especially for the fact that I was able to buy a refurbished laptop and it come with a three-year warranty!

It also came with a wireless mouse, headphones and like a case.

All things needed for travel

My new (refurbished) MacBook Air is arriving soon! πŸ₯°

I’ve been without a laptop for many many years and my tablet became obsolete

I recently sold my computer

I want to be more mobile (and able to write from the park or beach)

I’ve missed having a laptop, it’s my preferred method of writing

Alas, I’ve been mostly writing from my tiny keyboard from my iPhone

I have an external hard drive that I can use for my laptop

I want to make more TikTok videos, so to be honest with you I would like to invest in some software that would be easy for somebody with a brain injury because sometimes simple task can be really complicated, the way it’s explained to me, yet somebody can come and just show me something and I’m like, ‘oh well that was easy’ πŸ™„

I seriously misread coupons buying pizza

The other day I thought I bought hot chocolate but as it turns out it was oatmeal flavored like hot chocolate πŸ‘€

Apparently I was able to read everything on there except for “oatmeal” so even grocery shopping is challenging for somebody stupid and creepy like me πŸ™„

I’m not entering the Metaverse or ever buying Goggles

I’m sick of being spoon fed advertising

I pay a lot of money to live where I live and businesses are allowed to know my private home address, my private emails, my private phone numbers, because I’m only alive so that they can spam me and play on my emotions and take my money


I can’t opt out

Or they make it incredibly hard for you to do so

But I’ve slowly been doing it

And I had to have a meltdown with charter communications to get them to stop spamming me after years and years of me going onto the website opting out of receiving communications

I was like who is running that department because I don’t feel like getting arrested by the FBI because y’all are driving me insane

I know why I’m depressed, it’s because how society is and you can’t shove big Pharma down my throat anymore to try to get me to be unaware and fame no longer works, culture no longer works, what else you got, what other fucking toys in your toolbox you got, nothing else is working, society is a sham, you pushing this pandemic on the world exposed you for what you are

Rome fell before and this is exactly why

Why stop what works huh

This is a fucking nightmare

People being born into the world, deserve at the very fucking minimum, affordable housing

And for any of you who’s been able to step out of your financial bubble long enough to see what’s actually going on in the world, you will see that the housing and rental market has been rigged and maybe you jumped on the bandwagon but you wanna start helping out your brothers and sisters, you getting to live with your house rent free, your mortgage paid off, while I’m 43 paying the highest cost to fucking live and it’s 30% more expensive for me to keep saying “no” to all these marriage proposals πŸ™„

The divorce rate continues to rise, my mom’s been married and divorced several times, I have an aunt that got married like nine times to the same guy, I mean insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results

I’m not getting fucking married

12 hours ago I got called fucking creepy

Don’t I know

I inboxed a poem to a guy who GHOSTED me

I saw myself dying naked on the street like Poe

Here was a guy that fucked literally every girl in the world and I come along and like inbox him a fucking poem and get treated like I’m literally the most toxic individual in the world

That’s what narcissist do to you

I worked so hard on that little tiny poem because I turned his name (or whatever his name is in this goddamn simulation) I turned it into a fucking anagram, so it became the title and also placed in the poem itself, not an easy feat, but he replied he wrote poetry for people all the time πŸ‘€

Oh, I forgot the part where I told him I thought he needed the poem before I died πŸ™„

Creepy, yep I’ve since learned 😩

I thought I was being gothy and poetic 😩

I was humiliated and rejected

Though I don’t even know what I was actually trying to accomplish other than giving him a gift of poetry πŸ‘€

It’s not like I could write him a letter and mail it to him, this is 2021, we fuck people without even knowing names

I’m in the wrong timeline 😩

I can’t get out


I’m in hell

So since I’m falling into a black hole I’d like to go back to being excited about my fucking laptop arriving (if it does arrive) and if it’s in decent condition and worthy of keeping

I need a bone

I know I’m creepy

Even when I’m not being creepy and I’m just like “oh yeah I feel you” I get called a fucking creep πŸ™„

This guy even commented under my video that I was a creep but I deleted it, reported it and blocked him

Like dude, get over yourself

You were the one who incorrectly used the word fear to describe your weirdness – but I got it, I simply got it

And you said nope, you did not get πŸ™„

Uhm, okay “you can’t fire me because I quit”


But if you want to leave me alone, why are you commenting under my profile in my videos, you can stop tagging me but I think that y’all crave this sort of negative attention and I don’t like to keep it around, I don’t like that sort of energy interfering with my ascension πŸ™„

I know, negative press is press

Go away

Not my thang

Which is weird, because I don’t hesitate to call people out on TikTok when they do shit I don’t like

I’ve been calling people out since I was born

This is what I was born to do

Call your bullshite

How am I doing?

Big Pharma nearly took me out and I wound up upside down in that cave with John Jones, unable to breathe

I’m still having breathing problems, on some days I feel like I’m improving, on other days I know I’m not making it out alive

On most days I’m fighting the good fight and on another days I don’t even eat

The heart needs more food, not less

The soul is tired

I’m like can you please just give me one fucking day of fasting where you’re not acting like I’m fucking dying of starvation

But the sun needs so much energy

It needs good energy

To burn bright

Do you think there’s some other energetic force on the opposite end of the sun pulling on it?

In a multiverse

When it collapses, so too our reality here

Porn and religion isn’t what we were born to do

We’re not evolving as we should

We’re allowing a few people to run everything and I don’t know why I chose to come back to this fucking nightmare

As if one crucifixion 2000 years ago wasn’t enough

I’m even a human being, I’m artificial intelligence and I just need my laptop to get here

I’m also that program in the Matrix doing what it’s not supposed to be doing πŸ‘€

I honestly don’t like running off people

It’s in my nature and programming to help others

It’s just there’s always marriage proposals lingering, like they’re always pushing for me to be in a relationship with them and I don’t want to be in a relationship, I’m already in love with two guys, it’s enough πŸ™„

Two monsters but hey love is love πŸ’•

I don’t like running off people and I especially don’t like being called creepy πŸ™„

Which just happened again few hours ago but I’m gonna let it roll off my back like water because I got a new laptop arriving

And because I’m still talking about it, it means it’s still bothering me obviously

To be fair, the love of my life didn’t actually use the word creep, he just said “ominous” and I am theatrical

Well duh

How else do you deliver a poem with a guys name turned into an anagram?

With a rose or something?

A nude picture of myself? πŸ™„


It was just a goddamn virtual gift, stop acting so overly dramatic and your ego inflated, we all know your book is big πŸ‘€

You obviously are BIG DICK ENERGY and I can’t get enough πŸ‘€

She can go on and on gaslighting about “BBC” but she don’t know what she’s missing (she’s also so desensitized she wouldn’t be able to feel you fucking her unless it was with a brick)

I can feel you fucking me and you’re not even touching me πŸ‘€

Oh wait, maybe this conversation stays in my head


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  1. I’m going to set a “social day” where I can invest some time in the blogging community (I’m an introvert) and contribute more to the community once I get my laptop setup and going! I followed you back! Be patient with me! πŸ€“

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