Hungry Roofer

America has turned into a Third World country

I sat laughing insanely for about 20 minutes in my ride before I could get this posted because just a few weeks ago I was in the police station screaming how I didn’t want to die on the street hungry and I wanted to know if the cops knew what was going on in the world and the one cop that did know what was going on in the world said it was a “federal problem” and “nothing they could do about it”

I recently got a 20% raise but it’ll probably cost me my food stamps *laughs insanely*

I’m having to learn to let go of everything, a lot of attachments, but my mind has been the hardest thing to let go (and my heart)

I think the angry part of dying has faded

Like, I don’t want to keep lashing out

I wonder how many lessons John learned in the 28 hours he was upside down

No one is coming to save us, it’s up to us now

The Great Filter is upon us

John said he really really likes your poem

“Really really likes”

You can find it on the steps of heaven

The steps flow with water, light, and smoke

The letters are real, moving letters which kinda float

You can kind of pick a letter but it’ll just kind of gravitate back towards that spot

There are many rows of steps

I mean, I know your sign (I think) but what’s your blood type?

As as far as I’m concerned, you are Edgar Allan Poe in this timeline

We all come from the same source of coding

In 1993 before my best friend died of suicide, she told me at school in a very frantic way about her nightmare and how something bad was gonna happen in 2003 and it did

The US invaded Iraq

And I was there, first on the scene as a combat medic

We weren’t allowed to film anything anywhere at any fucking time

Most of the times we weren’t even allowed to bring our cell phones into a government facility and if we did they had to be turned off

I’d probably have 100,000 followers by now if they could’ve seen me do basic training and AIT, they couldn’t see me traveling all over the world, and I wasn’t even allowed to “check in” and let you know where I was going

Anyway, I don’t have 100,000 followers and I never will and I would probably drown myself in the bottom of the ocean if I had that many people looking at me

My energy and my aura is different than most people and I can’t just be around anybody, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you

If I had my commune, I’d offer him a tiny bit of work each month

Helping me install a fance, garden, shed, sleep barn, ectera

Anyway I returned the laptop and I’m going to order a replacement if there is one that I can replace it with (I really don’t want to drop $800 or $900 on a computer because I want that to go towards my land)

Just gotta be patient I guess

I’m being frugal

It’s a Leo specialty

You know how nature mimics everything

We are born with genetic code

This is a simulation

And while that may not change our reality, I’m still coming to terms with what our reality is

Lately I’ve been really into the slit experiment

You know, when light enters your eye it can’t escape

That information gets trapped

Everything you look at has coding

Its genetics are programmed to do something

I don’t know what that yellow jacket was programmed to do that day, but he wouldn’t take his eyes off of me and he had intelligence

That little guy had some strength and courage I wish I had

He could smell my fear through the glass

Sometimes he’d spin around in a circle and stretch out his wings just to let me know that everything was OK with him and that he was fine or maybe he was signaling to his army I don’t know

But a wasp grounded me for over 20 minutes

And at one point when I had the idea of maybe swishing him away with my windshield wiper, he had a stare down with me, like do it, I fucking dare you to do it, go ahead and do it, I am yellow and black, I literally am the color of caution

Strike me

So then I started freaking out that maybe they could get into the vehicle through the vents

Which led to me wondering if any of them actually did get into the vehicle while all my windows were down

I had at least 50 different anxiety scenarios played out

And here I was just wanting to go for a cruise after church through town to go get some lunch

Yea no…

So I think the end of the world is actually happening and it’s not going to happen overnight

I mean we’ve been around for millions and millions and millions of years, they’re not going to eradicate us overnight

I will be slow and methodical

Stay off of VR

It’s terrible

You will have brain issues

Watch the sky instead

Apophis 2029 & 2066

You need to get deep underground

Your shelter needs to be deep

Deeper than ever

If you can make it self sustaining like an underground cave system even better

Have I ever been wrong about anything?

Aside from you know ordering food wrong?

Sometimes being too tired and driving up the wrong ramp?

Getting vaccinated and nearly dying?

“At some point” is now

Where do you live mostly emotionally?

The past? The future? What should be now?

Tomorrow is Veterans Day

I may go out and get my free food 😌

I normally make an entire day of it

Start out with free coffee and donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme 🤪

When Applebee’s invites you for a free dinner, then you can fucking complain

Many vets enjoy our day

Why do y’all have to be such assholes about it?


We got a holiday for just about everything but this one, this one really gets you

And you don’t even have to buy nothing!

Just vindictive

You can’t stand seeing the ones hurting the most and doing the most out there being rewarded

Anyhoo, there are a lot of businesses who get in on the vets day thang

AppleBee’s prepares us a special menu to select from

Goodnight 🇺🇸

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