In transit (my things & myself)

I already purchased another laptop from the Walmart marketplace and it’s being shipped, so fingers crossed that this one is gonna workout, otherwise I may up my budget $100 and try to grab something during Black Friday

Thank you for being patient with me while I get my computer sorted out

I also bought a mini clip on mic that I can use with my iPhone anywhere (this little guy)

I still want a USB mic to go with my laptop but I need to get my laptop situated before I purchase a big microphone (but I may try to get the mic during Black Friday as well)

I’ll be shopping from home to avoid mass panic, hysteria, and COVID πŸ€“

I’m being frugal because I’m saving for a plot of land

But holyshit, according to, Daytona Beach is expected to have major flooding over the next 30 years πŸ‘€

I mean, I always wanted to face my fears but I didn’t know it was gonna be head on like this

This is the end, beautiful friend

I ain’t dying in a hospital

My very first video on TikTok has had over 1000 plays in under 24 hours! Thank you for watching!!

I’m slowly updating my equipment and I really want to buy a light ring and decent stand that doesn’t flop over

I can’t wait to get some sort of blogging schedule going, I want to read your blogs!

Things are kinda getting scary on my end of the pond / Atlantic

The flooding has reached our shores

Where are you? 😌 Are you okay?

I may go live on my Instagram and show you the ocean this weekend, especially if my little microphone arrives, because it is suppose to have a little wind muff and maybe it won’t sound so bad

I’m under my pen PoeEternal on Instagram and I’ve gone private but it’s OK if you send a follow request (I don’t always respond to my social media accounts right away because my notifications are pretty much turned off everywhere)

I don’t live with my phone in my pocket and I go periods of time where I don’t check it at all

I’m an introvert πŸ‘€

John, are you still hanging upside down in there?

What happened down there and things they will never tell?

I need to know 😩

I also maybe need a life-raft and jacket


Florida is going under water 😩

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