The most famous beach in the world is gone

Why is this not on the news?

And my very first video is going viral and TikTok didn’t even let me know πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

It’s already had over 1.8 thousand views!!!

This is not a normal tide

The lifeguard said it’s been this way about a week and he has no idea why

A random couple passing by said they’ve never seen it like this either and that there’s nowhere on the beach to walk

I wouldn’t even get off the ramp (I have a fear of drowning)

So the most famous beach in the world is gone

And maybe the Atlantic will give us some of our beach back but right now it’s been gone for over a week, there’s no beach to walk

I also looked up flooding in the Daytona Beach area and apparently for the next 30 years there’s supposed to be a lot of it

Welcome to earth’s funeral

Reporting first on the scene

Dying. I love you

I took more videos and I guess I’ll get them posted but right now this video is getting some plays, so what do I do? Post another video or let this one keep going?

I had someone comment and I wanted to reply with a video and I probably will but this one is my first video that’s ever had over 1000 views and it’s been up 10 hours πŸ€ͺ


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