The laptop arrived! πŸ˜

My new laptop arrived and I love her!!!

I’m keeping her!!! 🀩

It took TWO tries and buying from a different seller but this laptop is like new! 😍

I love it!

I have a new writing tool and it’s super lightweight, the heart approves!

The plug is magnetic, no freaking USB

It’s like some sort of magnetic USB 😍

My broken brain approves!

It pulls right in!

Gravity! πŸ€ͺ

I love that the keyboard lights up, that’ll be handy at night because I love to do a lot of writing at night!

It was challenging finding the right refurbished Apple laptop to buy, but it is (so far) worth it.

I’ll be adding the additional 2 years of insurance to the 1 year that it includes!

This bundle also included a wireless mouse (working) and a headset (haven’t tried yet)!

They forgot the black case but I have contacted the seller.

I first let him know I was very happy with the laptop so far!

Hopefully the case will be mailed out (I’ll likely upgrade it later).

I will definitely leave both sellers a review.

I had to contact Walmart about my refund for the first laptop because it was still showing that I needed to turn it in even though I actually took it to Walmart and gave it back to Walmart themselves and now they have expedited my refund which is going to take exactly 10 days like they said before but whatever

If you got some patience and are willing to get the right laptop at a good price, it can be done in the Walmart marketplace

It’s also nearly Black Friday and this is when to strike

I did goods

My tiny mic also arrived but I haven’t had a chance to open it or to inspect it yet because I’ve been getting my laptop set up! 😎

New tiny mic for the TikTok videos
My new tiny mic 🀩

Having a little clip on mic feels so professional and honestly, less threatening and in your face, like a traditional mic

But it’s still in the package so I’ll update on that at a later time πŸ€ͺ

I feel like Christmas has arrived with the Apple MacBook Air I scored

In the Walmart marketplace of all places

And I drove around several locations, I looked at several locations online, I looked over several days and I even shipped back the first one that came to me (I was like hell no, it’s not this one)

But the second one from a different seller was a win

My very first Apple laptop πŸ₯°

I hope it can keep a charge though, it didn’t come charged, so hopefully it wasn’t an issue with like the charge

It already has a green light at the charging port so it charged up super fast

I ain’t got 1 complaint on this laptop

I just hope I get the little black case for it for travel

But I ain’t angry or mad

Not with the quality laptop I received

There’s not even a dent and barely a scratch

I have external speakers to hook up with it, and an external hard drive

I like that it doesn’t weigh a ton

And the Apple logo lights up πŸ‘€

“Well why ain’t you married?”

Sigh *married to me computer*


She sure is pretty tho ain’t she 😍

And she’s actually the perfect size laptop, I didn’t think she was too small or too big, the screen is perfect, it’s a perfect laptop

It’s the wild wild West using the Walmart marketplace but I recommend it if you’re willing to fish for a good product!

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  1. Thank you! The magnetic charge is a neat feature! Definitely lightweight which is a bonus! It’s adorable too! I love the little Apple logo that lights up while in use! The updated OS is new for me! Really great design for a laptop! So far, all is good! πŸ€“


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